One Successful Flashmob Surprise Wedding!

Sunday, November 18, 2012 11 comments
      Truly this wedding is one of a kind, and I could not possibly think of anything that is more amazing than having a surprise wedding for the one you love. I mean, who does that? And a bride that doesn't know she's getting married? Crazy isn't it? But it's really, definitely, a genius idea, top that! Wedding of the year? I'd go for wedding of the century or even more. This news really made my day, yesterday and I guess will made my day up to the time I get over it. 

      Yes, I am particularly pertaining to the wedding of Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi last November 15, 2012 at Fernbrook Garden. Zoren planned it all, Carmina thought that they would be doing a commercial shoot only to find Zoren on his knees proposing and they eventually had a civil wedding afterwards. 

     Aww, what a lovely pair. They are now my official favorite couple. I never thought that they weren't married yet, because they were such a great couple, with their twins - Maverick and Cassey, having all the ice cream they want! (Basically they are the famous family of Selecta's Ice Cream Commercials). After twelve years of being together, now they are to be called  officially as husband and wife.

        Enough about mistresses, third party affairs, and other woman. They once were a hit, but got so overused, because whatever we do, only true love will prevail and will live on through the test of time. This is the possibilty that Carmina and Zoren's marriage showed us. A modern fairy tale is what it is, a very beautiful dream come true. Their love story/ wedding just perked up the hopeless romantic in me. Really this wedding is so inspiring! (Kakakilig sobra!)

       Carmina is so lucky and blessed to have Zoren, and I know Zoren wouldn't be who he is and did what he just did, if it wasn't for Carmina.  A whole lot of girls are now envious of Carmina and guys really do need to step up to impress the ladies, after what Zoren just did (or maybe the other way around!). Zoren has now turned into an ultimate dream boy, the prince charming girls wish for. 

        That wedding wouldn't be possible without love- true/unconditional love. (That plan would not have worked if they did not love each other, and imagine how a fiasco it would cause if the girl did not love the guy who did it to her.) Aww, it's really nice to think of what love can make you do for that is by far the sweetest and most romantic thing ever! And I just can't get enough of it. I'm already looking forward to watch the whole thing, but please do have a repeat, I think I wouldn't be in front of a tv the night of November 24, 2012. (Zoren-Carmina: Always Forever, A Wedding Like No Other would be shown after MMK)

A very touching story they have. I'm so happy for them!
And it seems the whole Philippines is joyous and celebrating with them too!

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  • jEn said...

    I really love this couple. Thanks for posting. And yeah, you're right, they are an example of a modern fairytale which girls including me is dreaming about. hehe

  • Samrat said...

    Its truly a fantastic real life story . It really transports you to an unforeseen world of romantic dreamland and makes you feel the essence of true love. nice and truly lovely.

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