I'm here to share my views on movies and my own stories as well.

IN MOVIES: I really love watching movies and admire the different things they're made of, I think that movies, in general, is the most creative thing ever invented. I decided to make my blog more on about movies, since I really love them, as I've said, and with them I'm really able to explore my feelings about a lot of things. They enable me to make self-realizations on different matters of life. Also, I learn a lot from them, since I'm not that of a book or newspaper reader. Regarding my movie post, hmm, sort of a review that may include anything relatively or not actually related to the movie I'm going to write about. It may be something that had happened or I had thought of while watching it. The movies would probably those that belong to my list of favorites, movies I have recently watched or something that is really memorable or if there something unique that I liked about the movie. But, I'm not this critic/expert or a professional in the this thing, what you will read is just base on my own personal views, so please don't compare it with those of others. And may I just say that my entries include spoilers. 

      Regarding the pictures on entries, mainly, on the movie label, I don't own them. I got them from the internet or I use screenshots from their trailers or the movie itself, to supply something visually appealing in the sort of reviews I write and no copyright infringement intended. 

IN MY STORIES: I also like this blog to be more me, so brace your selves for more boring things. Anything under the sun, how I feel in that day, experiences and such. Something personal. I'm really not that expressive vocally, I'd rather write it down. 

OTHERS: As you may have noticed, or not, I have been including a lot of labels lately, mostly are my interests and random thoughts about them. Photoblog, Art, Food, Tv, Music, Photoshop, Theater, etc. I thought of changing my blog's name (I know it's very lame) because of that but I can't think of a nice name, so I'll just stick with this one. 

        I hope you have the time to read them. Just please bear with my grammar and vocabularies. I'm not really that good in those things. You can also follow me or add me in your google circle! 

Feel free to comment or share your experiences as well!

So I guess that's about it.

Thanks! Arrivederci! 

Caroline Castro


  • Golda Kristy Tabid-Grospe said...

    I am impressed with your blog so I would like to give you the LAINE BLOGGER AWARD. Please see this link to know how to formally accept it. Congratulations!:)


  • Caroline Castro said...

    Aww, thank you Golda! I'm very pleased and thankful for including me on your awardees, it really meant so much to me, especially knowing that someone really appreciates my blog! THANK YOU again, Golda! :)

  • Verlene said...

    Hey there, Caroline! Congratulations for being nominated for the Sunshine award along with the other nominees! Here's the link to it:

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