From Multiply to Blogger: ravetrukeeper?

Friday, October 26, 2012 12 comments
    When I heard the news that multiply would not anymore be catering to its blogging audience (now for online sellers/shoppers), I felt quite sad and regretful because my multiply blog is my social outlet back in high school and a few years in college and I have been updating it with everything I could, from photos, videos and reviews and not just blog entries per se. And to think that I have to back-up all the files from my account is frustrating enough, what more to actually do it. But good thing multiply has ways to ease that, but that doesn't mean that it's all good-good already. The blog import is actually okay, because the comments will still be intact, and the dates! But I'm not quite sure with the other stuff, like the photos and videos, since there is not actual photo and video site to import them with. One thing I truly regret about them are the comments from them (especially on the photos and videos), those are things that I truly appreciate and treasure. 

       With those said, I will be importing my blog and review entries here. Some of which (mostly reviews), I would edit to comply with my format here in blogger. 

       It's fun to read my previous blog post, especially those during my not so young days. I have realized so much things from, improvements mostly. One thing is that I have a thing with punctuation marks, that instead o a comma or a period I'd do ",,,,," or"....". Here is an example entry, which is really different from how I blog nowadays. This is in my language (Tagalog/Filipino), since I'd only write in English for my review back then. Basically this is an entry about an alias that I used (but I'm still using it at times), because people were actually curios about it. 

(Import: May 2, 2009)

kpag nababasa ito ng ibang tao..tanong nila lagi..anong ravetrukeeper?

hahahax..oki...imbento ko lang yan eh,,, bkit ba???,,walang pakelamanan,,,hahahax

rave/ tru/ keeper

ung rave...ahmm,,secret,,,haha hindi din pla sasabhin weh, initials yan nung crush ko nung hayskul,,,si wilbert ang nagbigay nyan weh,,hahax,,naalala ko pa yun weh,,sa labas room ni sir aquino nung 1st year,,tsktsk,,,bsta sya un...oh kilala mo siya? haha

tru..ahmmm... kilala nyo si eliza dushku,,,ng wrong turn o bring it on 1 o the new guy,,minsan nasa buffy din sya...ahmmm..bukod dun meron siya tv series nung mga panahong naimbento ko toh..,,,tru calling,,,tru davies name nya,, eh fave ko siya,,,ska ang ganda nung series na un..scary lang minsan este madalas,,,sa morgue ba naman sya nagttrabaho weh,,,tpos ssbhin nyng mga corpse.."help me".aun..kaya kinuha ko ung tru,,ska ang cute kasi ,,"tru" haha... mahilig ako sa cute...lhat ata ng bgay cute sakin... hahax

keeper...ahmmm... si oliver wood yan,, sa hp1.. keeper siya db,,,siya kasi gusto ko nun,,pero sympre gusto ko din si daniel...hahax...

un lang,.,kaartehan lang...^_^

      That's it. Have you noticed that there were no big letters, many wrong spellings (like how we shortcut text messages) and haha with an x (they used to tease me with that, laughing in verbal saying "hahahaXXX)

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