AnnaBANANA! The New Anna!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 0 comments
      Not sure if you're familiar with the sort of mini series of commercials of PLDT My DSL, about this cute boy, Derek, who posted a video in youtube for his crush Anna. And his very supportive mother keeps on viewing the said video over and over again (that is just sweet!). Derek was happy of the number of views (which actually reached more than a million views) but not until he saw Anna's reply. While his family is feeling sorry for him, his sister saw a video reply for Derek and said "Looks like you have a new Anna" (which became a video contest!). And finally there is a winner already and it's really the sweetest and cutest thing! I watched a couple of the videos and Aria is definitely a winner and so adorable. 

    Anyway here are the videos.
For those who aren't familiar, let's start with this video of Derek for Anna.

This one is the video of the mom!

Seeing the reply of Anna :(

This one is Anna's full reply.

And this is Aria's winning entry! 
I super like her, her voice and her song! 
And those cute little guys raising the lyrics!

That's it! Isn't this the cutest thing! :)
Great idea by the PLDT people. 


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