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         Here is the separate post I'm talking about. Mainly of the photos I took in our visit at the National Museum, but not all, since there were too many, just those that I really liked/loved and those that caught my attention. I took the liberty of editing them so that it wouldn't be just the same as how you would see/view it in the museum/other pictures, though this is not what you would really see in terms of coloration/vividness because the pictures I took were already affected by the lighting of the galleries. And please do correct me if I've entered wrong information about the artworks. 

In the picture are two stained-glass windows from the Marble Hall.
Museum of the Filipino People

Mother's Revenge
Above: 1894 Terra cotta sculpture by Jose Rizal
National Art Gallery: Gallery V
Below: Bone version (I have no information about this one)
National Art Gallery: Bone Gallery
"Just curious about this bone version"

San Diego ship model made by Roberto Carpentier in the year 1995.
Museum of the Filipino People: Treasures of San Diego Gallery 2

Museum of the Filipino People: Treasures of San Diego Gallery 3
"I love the details of these jars"

Sculpted Faces of the Dead: 
These are part of the earthenware jars where they would put the remains of ancient people.
Museum of the Filipino People: Kaban ng Lahi - Archaeological Treasure
"Creepy but creative, I mean these jars actually had dead people in it"

Lady with Cornucopia (1) and (2) by Isabelo Tampinco
National Art Gallery: Gallery IV Fundacion Santiago Hall 
"One of my favorite galleries"

La Belleza sculpture by Isabelo Tampinco during 1990s
National Art Gallery: Gallery IV Fundacion Santiago Hall 
"This La Belleza, as its name says, is without a doubt a Beauty!
More of Tampinco's sculptures in the museum, such a great artist, loved him!"

The Origins, a 3-part canvass painting by Jose Joya in the year 1960.
National Art Gallery: Gallery IX Post War
 Another favorite gallery!

Hills of Nikko by Jose Joya dated 1964
National Art Gallery: Gallery IX Post War

This one, I stared the longest time. Mesmerized by it. 

I heart Jose Joya! Love his works :)

The 1884 Spoliarium by Juan Luna
National Art Gallery: Hall of Masters/Spoliarium Hall

Really a magnificent work!

      That's about it (Maybe I'd add some more soon).I hope this would encourage you to visit our museums, if you still haven't. Also, there are more great artworks and historical artifacts to see, so visit our museums already!

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