Dinosaurs Island in the Philippines!

Saturday, February 9, 2013 5 comments

Dinosaurs Island is considered as the first Animatronics Dinosaur Park in the Philippines. 

     We visited Dinosaurs Island in Pampanga last month because my nephew loves dinosaurs and it was his birthday. He and one of my nieces were raving about it ever since they saw the video of this place. They were so excited that morning, but the excitement lasted only until they heard the dinosaurs roar. They were frightened in a totally frantic way that they did not want to enter the park anymore.

(He brought his toy dinosaur named Max - that red thing)
My niece and nephew cannot stand the roaring so they would cover their ears most of the time. We even copied them in our group pictures.
They did love the skeleton displays ('coz there was no roaring)
The dinosaurs' skins were made from rubberized material which actually enables it to move realistically. Also, sensors were placed near the dinosaurs so that when one comes near them they will move, roar and even sprinkle you with water. 
    By the end of the tour in the park, there would be a presentation for all the guests, where dinosaur mascots can interact with you. This was the most funny part (I was laughing the whole timethis is me being mean) because at the start the kids were still enjoying them that my niece even shouted "Swiper no Swiping"  when the dinosaurs attempted to get our things, but as they come really close to us they began crying, especially when we would act that we were eaten by the dinosaurs for photo-ops. 
Love this picture of mine!
They did not like to try the dinosaur ride so we just took their picture. 
The birthday boy with his dinosaur pose!

       Me? I actually enjoyed it. I was really amazed and curious on how they make them but I personally think that it was not worth the price we paid for (maybe it would if the kids did actually enjoyed - maybe if they're a bit older they would already). It's really expensive for me and there's also the fact that the park doesn't seem to be maintained (other dinosaurs were in no good condition), but I'd still give credit to it for being the first ever animatronics dinosaur park here in the Philippines, and the life-sized dinosaurs are pretty cool. I just think that a lot more could be improved.  I think you will enjoy here if you're really into dinosaurs, but if not, it would mainly be for photo ops. 

P.S. The park trail is really sandy, I suggest you wear closed shoes, but if you don't mind then any foot wear will be fine. 

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  • Pink Line said...

    wow i never knew na may dinosaurs park pala sa philippines.. pero ang layo naman sa manila tapos not worth it ang price hehe.. anyway at least you enjoyed.. i also love that picture of you eaten by a dino.. i wanna try that too :)

  • arkitektogabs said...

    Haha ang cute nung kinakain ka ng dino. Ito pa lang yung nababasa ko sa blogs mo. Astiiig para na rin akong nakapunta sa Dinosaurs Island! Galing, may ganyan pala sa Clark.

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