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      I can't remember the reason why I decided to watch Suits but whatever that reason may be, I'm pretty glad that I did. Watching movies and TV series keeps me sane, you see, and watching great ones is another whole-lot of a story. On that note, I'll say that this is really a great show!

     Suits is a USA network legal drama series about a lawyer-wannabe Mike Ross. He was given a chance to work as an associate in one of the most prestigious law firms in NY City, Pearson-Hardman (now just Pearson, and would probably Pearson - Darby by next season), by the famous Harvey Specter, regarded as the best closer in town. Mike has a prowess of acquiring great amount of knowledge with his photographic memory, and with that Harvey was enthralled; the deal is that, Mike never went to Harvard or any law school, he didn't even finished college. Putting everything in the line, the two became partners in crime and together they win their cases.

      Second Season ended. Can't wait until Summer or rather July (16 to be exact) because it sure is freaking hot summer already (Well, lately we have an unpredictable weather)! ugh!

So what happened last episode? 
Season Finale of Season 2

     I would not beat around the bush anymore. Rachel already knew the truth about Mike! Whew! I've really waited for that time, because deep inside me I always felt that it would not go into the way with their relationship. And now, finally, she knew and they did it, you know what, moments later. Is this the beginning of a Rachel and Mike's relationship I'm waiting for? (please be it) or it would make things much worse? (I bet it would). But please be it the first, even it means that I would like Mike again (see reason below). For the other things that happened in the last episode, just watch it, I didn't care about that much. Ha!

Why I love it and why will you?

       Firstly, what a clever plot, not a fantasy yet highly unlikely in real life but undoubtedly entertaining and somewhat thrilling as a tv show story. I did appreciate how it gave us a sort of brief intro of the whole setting, the office, the work, the flow, etc., at the very start of the first season. I've watched some Boston legal, and I did find it very lawyer-ish that I didn't even know who's who unless I've watch a couple of episodes. I'd be honest that at times I don't really get the legal things they talk about and so I would try to understand them by searching wikipedia and my dictionary (when there's no internet). I must say I did learn a lot from the series from billables, mergers, settlements, to blackmails. It also has given us the sort of already obvious idea that the law can be skewed, especially when people around it isn't that straight with the law (The two shows showed me is that practically, breaking the law (by lawyers) is a choice when it comes to legal issues, and it's a matter of who you know, what you know and the like. Much like in real life which I hope would have its end). It's not just about Ignorance of the law excuses no one, but I'd say also of Your ignorance of the law excuses others to take you for granted and overpower you and I quote that curly hair guy "Lawyer-ing isn't about fighting fair". Anyway, I do hope they would get into more interesting legal issues and cases.

      Still, I love their devious ways....and all the shenanigans, the Hallmark suited quotes, the all of a sudden "That's it", the bright idea that will answer all the problems away. And who doesn't love when they start quoting movies and imitating characters? I'd always anticipate for those in each episode. What more? Hmmm Rachel's love for food, Harvey's huge vinyl collection (I'm not much into sports), Louis' love for stage performances and such. And would I forget to mention how appealing to a last song syndrome their opening theme is, I am frustrated every time because I can't follow through. Ha! It started with humming. And last but not the least - The ROMANCE in this side or that. 

       The series also got me thinking that I'm not really the lawyer type (Well, I sort of knew it even before). I'm naive, soft, weak and many other things. I'm not very articulate, I'm still on the process of improving my skills on communication. I don't really like arguing. I'd rather be the nice one to just stop and understand the other. And I'm not that very persuasive, well maybe I can be when I try but I just don't for I think people ought to have their own decisions on matters. And I am most certainly not the aggressive type, which makes me think that people could easily take me for granted because most of the time I don't stand up for myself even though I know I'm the right one. And one more, I'm not that very fond of reading, a selective reader, that's what I call myself. 

     On another note, I've always wanted to know someone who is a lawyer because I have lot of legal questions one of which is on how could I change my signature because if you see it, you'll laugh. 


      I super love watching all the characters in Suits. I do hate rather not like some of them because of what they have to portray, but still they are undeniably watchable. It took me quite a while to love characters in Boston Legal (with the exception of Denny Crane - Trekker talking), but here, it was automatic impression of mostly love. 

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams)

     I did love Mike at the start (smart guys are turn-ons) with his wit and photographic memory, but then he just became the show-off guy (and all the gloating) and we all know what nobody likes (he's smart but he hasn't earned a great deal of things yet to be what he is at times, but I'm not saying gaining something would give him the right to- tsk my arguments wouldn't pass lawyers! haha!) and he hurt Rachel, so I don't like him anymore. But maybe season 3 could make a change of hearts in me. PS. His nails were weird.

Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht)

      I love Harvey Specter. He is indeed the man and I'm one of the people in awe of him. He's funny (another turn on) and in a very smart way (some are just jerk funny). I believe he's a good guy and a good friend, even if he's acting all "I don't give a crap". Plus he really looks good too and as he mentioned, he does have a resemblance with George Clooney. I hope that he'll have a better love story soon, I did like Zoe (her real life wife) and of course whatever is with him and Donna (but of course I wouldn't want to ruin the relationship they have now). 

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman)

     I guess for most of us, we really didn't like Louis at the start, but as the story goes we learned to. I kind of felt sad for him when it seems that most of the characters are ganging up on him, but there's also the fact that he sometimes deserve it. Ha! PS. Gaining weight like him. Ha!

Now, lezgo to the beautiful, awesome, empowered ladies. 

Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres)

    Jessica Pearson. I can't say that I really like her character (she scares me), I mean she's very manipulative, don't you think? She may come out smart, wise and all but sometimes, I'm not very fond of her ways. Oh how I love when Harvey outsmart her. PS question: How tall is she?

Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle)

      Rachel Zane, the super hot paralegal. (I did thought she's a latina (I agree that latinas are the sexiest and most beautiful - they're just fierce ladies), but she isn't). I love how smart she is, how she cares about people and how she is driven with her principles and passion from which I could say that fate is totally unfair with her, but then again maybe fate has something greater for her. PS Her chemistry with Mike is great.

Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty)

    Donna Paulsen is my favorite. She's sassy, funny, intelligent - she totally knows everything! Very lovable character (loved her from the very first episode). She's not just a secretary, she's a superwoman (A person who does things without even telling her to! Just amazing), she's someone you wish for! I super envy her relationship with Harvey, they have each other's back no matter what. I can't imagine Suits without her (that memorandum thing, her getting terminated and the possibility of her not being in Suits anymore, killed me! I'm all #savedonna, well not in twitter). So, in my own proclamation, I now declare that she has the right to be on the Suits intro (Is it just me who wonders why it's just Gabriel and Patrick there?) Is it because of their suits? C'mon Suits isn't just about suits.

What did I say?
Love that episode with the mock trial
Loved how she delivered this one! 

Would we be able to find out what this can opener and those other things are about?

That's it! This one I truly recommend! Bloopers to end.

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