Excited to watch the Phantom of the Opera!

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         The Phantom of the Opera has been on my mind for the past weeks. I just wanted to watch it so bad! And the only thing that keeps me from doing so is the money to buy the ticket. I've said in my other blog post that I don't really like to ask for money especially on things that would not actually affect my future career. I'm just counting on the money I have saved but it isn't really enough. I opted not to watch it and wait in the future when I have work already to sustain my need rather want for watching shows like this. But then, the contests came in from Concertus Manila and my love for the Phantom flames in again, twice! I did not won by the way. I was hoping, but then my competitors were so great and my simple works just wouldn't work. (The winners were so lucky! I envy them and I'm happy for them as well because those who won (or some) really deserved it! They were really avid fans and I would consider myself as a neophyte compare to them!). Here are my entries on the contest. The first one was for the meet and greet the main cast and the second one was for the backstage tour. 

I love all the songs in Phantom of the Opera but the Masquerade is by far my favorite song and scene. I am not a singer but I really did tried my best memorizing the lines of this song and singing in tune so that I could sing along with them while I watch the scene over and over again.

I love the Masquerade because it's fun, graceful, magical and very dramatic especially towards the end when the tempo starts to decrease. It's amazing how you could just feel the intensity of the ball just hearing and watching them. This song may sound mockingly for Erik, but then I also consider it to be his song. For his life has been about masking who he truly is and hiding from the world that betrayed him. The ending may be a bit dragging but the moment when Erik sang the masquerade along with the monkey music box, is just heartbreaking.

Unlike the other songs, this song for me is so unique because it's like having pieces of a puzzle put in random. You need to analyze the song word per word, it may pertain to this and that, as though deciphering a code for you to understand. It's like having a simple glimpse of what's behind an unveiled mask that may eventually lead us to different roles of a character and to what had happened in the past and what may have come in the future events of the story.

The masquerade moment of Christine and Raoul made me believe that Christine is keeping a secret from Raoul, which is her love for Erik. And though she may have chosen Raoul at the end, Erik will never be apart from her heart, and Christine will always be in Erik's. Like what the Phantom of the Opera song said, she's the mask he wears…and she'll always be. For me, that meant of happiness and true love, for he already left his mask that had put him in a world of unhappiness and hate.

To Christine and Erik, the Queen and King of the Masquerade…

Hoping to witness the spectacle of the Phantom of the Opera!

"It was sensational and truly breathtaking! The performers were exceptional and the production design was very dramatic! You'll fall in love with the Phantom of the Opera!"

Oh how I wish I could also say those words for real after watching the most sought after musical in the world. The closest to this musical I ever had is watching its films and its clips on youtube and imagining them in my mind. I know nothing could ever be as spectacular as seeing the musical live. I love the music, the costumes, the chandelier!, the magic, the suspense, the love triangle and everything. But of course, I love the story of the Phantom, you could really feel his pain of being an outcast, and that despite everything that brought him to his madness, all he ever wanted is to be loved. ♥

       And so, a few hours ago, I was hanging out at ticketworld's site (I just can't keep away from that site), just looking for chances on a discount and there it was! An orchestra side seat near the stage for as low as 3.5k! But I did not get it! I didn't believe it was right at first and so I reload it a couple of times. The moment I decided to buy it, it was gone! Also the dates I prefer were sold out at an instant! I panicked! I thought that was the end of me but I did not gave up, I reloaded the page a couple of times again maybe other's were just thinking about buying and eventually their time would end. And I saw another one again but now for 4.5k. And I immediately signed up and bought it! (I know that buying at a ticketworld branch tomorrow wouldn't give me that much of chance anymore.)

       Gosh! I told myself! I can't believe I really spent so much just to watch it! I could have done much more with that money. And I can't even tell my dad how much it costs because I know he would be hysterical about it! But then he'll eventually know after I pay him (I just wanted it to be after the show when there is nothing he can do about it, though he can't really do anything about it once I bought the ticket). But I know that it would be totally worth it! Even if I'm going to watch it alone :( (Well not really, I'd be surrounded by so many Phantom fans!) 

I'm just so excited to watch it already! Can't wait to blog about it too! :)
Phantom of the Opera in Manila! Here I come! :)

6 days left before the show closes! But only 4 more shows to buy tickets from.
So buy your tickets now! Visit ticketworld.com.ph


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