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           When I was just a kid, my mommy gave me this envelope full of stamps. I actually saw them and asked if I could have them. The stamps were actually my dad's. He would get the stamps from the letters of her grandparents and parents. When I asked him about the stamps he shared that he did have a great collection before including stamps from the early 1900s, but he left it in the house of her girlfriend back then named Heidi. I asked why he didn't get it back and he said "Nakagalit ko eh" and I just laughed! 

        From then I started to buy stamps from school, since when I was in elementary school, they would annually sell stamps and instead of having the whole class buy the set/sheet, I would just usually buy them. Unfortunately some of those I bought were lost already, these were the only ones that were left. 

      I don't know if my niece had played with them or I just misplaced them since it was just inserted in the stamp booklet that I have. I was not able to make any addition to my collection as I stepped in high school and it made me realize the years I have wasted. Here are some of my dad's. I actually prefer the used ones since I find the ink markings as stylish details. Most of the are from the Philippines, other countries would include USA, India, Jamaica, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Korea, Netherland, Bangladesh, Oman.

      Now, I am eager again to collect stamps again and learn more about them. Hopefully I'd be able to add up stamps from different countries as I make my way on traveling around the world! (I really hope and I would, in time! travel to places! I know it!)

Here are some of the stamps I have and I personally love.

Lord Robert Baden Powell
Founder of Scout Movement
I am a a proud senior girl scout!

United Arab Emirates
I want to ride a camel someday!

Afternoon Meal of the Rice Workers
A painting by Fernando Amorsolo

I love how this stamp is in silver
for the 25th anniversary of the Department of Seal and Philately.
(I hope I translated that right!)

Jose P. Laurel
3rd President of the Philippines.

I love his message
"Walang Makapagmamahal nang higit sa mga Pilipino liban sa mga Pilipino rin"
"No one can love the Filipinos better than the Filipinos themselves."

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi a.k.a. Mahatma Ghandi of India
A lawyer turned to a Nation's leader
The father of Indian Independence Movement.

I admire Gandhi. He is someone we should look up to!

Philippine Nurses Association
1972: 50th Anniversary
Founded as the Filipino Nurses Association in 1922.

Proud member!



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