Simple Math on Love

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        I just remembered the homily yesterday evening. The priest went on talking about how marriages come to a point that they don't work anymore. He said a lot of things, but this one really caught my neurons. Well, he didn't actually said it like a simple math, It's just amazing how it went on a like a math problem.

         Now on my reflection on Love. This pertains to love within any relationships not limiting to boyfriend and girlfriend but as well as those of the family, friends and of course to God. 

To get plus to get is to forget...

         We tend to compare what we give to the ones we love and with that we expect something good as well in return and seldom we do something just for the other's sake but it always have to do with our selves as well. (Let me just say that I'm guilty. I have really been selfish most of the time, always thinking about my self alone and trying to pity myself.)   Also,with that expectation evolves this thing that when one does something wrong to you it seems that you already have the right to do the same to that person, which is not right by the way. Plus the fact that at times when what we did was not reciprocated back, we tend to be resentful. Sad but true,we always want to receive something good, just to get  and to get, and to satisfy our selves, not thinking that maybe it isn't all about receiving the love we deserve, getting what we want in life, etc. 

Like what St. Francis said: For it is in giving that we receive. 

       We often times say that there isn't much to give for I myself have nothing, but never do we realize how much we still can give even at those times. It doesn't always have to be a some-thing, much more is what we give in some-ways that we can, may it be just a simple smile or a word of encouragement. 

To give plus to give is to forgive...

       When we learn how to just give, love for example, and not expect something in return, it just comes easy for us to forgive. Like it never happened. But it doesn't mean that what the other did was okay with you or that you've become helpless and the other had taken you for granted. It simply means that you love that person so much that you would try to understand and eventually make your relationship work out again. Somehow you'll realize that after that forgiving moment, things have been better and your relationship becomes stronger. 

     Most of us think that life and love are two complex things (I do actually). Sometimes I'd come to a realization that maybe I'm just doing things the wrong way, the hard way and I definitely need to change my perspective on things. 

     Let me just share this. One thing I learn in facebook is to not always believe what other people say. People's status on facebook can really influence you! (especially from someone you look up to), for example, you're in a situation and you don't know what to do or unsure if what you'll about to do is the right thing to do, suddenly there is this status may it be a personal experience, opinion or a quote. You started nodding because you can relate and you immediately assume that doing the same is the right thing to do since another person is doing the same (adding up all those who have liked that status!). Now, I'd always say to myself that it isn't about what other people believe and do but what would He do. 

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