UST Hymn (full version)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 0 comments

I came across a blog in tumblr and I saw this. 
I'm already a 4th year college student at UST and sadly I only knew about this today.  
I just love this hymn. 
It somehow brings out the Thomasian feel in me (us!-fellow thomasians out there!). 
I just feel great every time we would sing it.
I'm a Proud Thomasian!
Viva Santo Tomas!

University of Santo Tomas Hymn

Seat of Aquinas, majestic enduring
the storms of the ages.
Shrine of our ancient fathers,
Carved in these isles

This is the castle imperious.
This is the home of our sages.
Blessed by the Cross of the angels,
Gift of our Mother Spain!

Deep in her echoing chambers
Flames of eternal yearning
Cast their benignant shadows
athwart this beloved land.

Keeping the torches of freedom
and heave forever burning.
Deep in the heart led by the Saviour’s


God of all nations
Merciful Lord of our restless being,
Sweep with your golden lilies;
This fountain of purest light;

Trace with the sails of the galleons
the dream beyond our seeing
Touch with the flame of your kindness
the gloom of our darkest night.

Keep us in beauty and truth and virtues
impassioned embrace
Ever your valiant legions
Imbued with unending grace!

P.S. Chorus na lang kinakanta ngayon.


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