Textuality (2011)

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            Aside from the benefits I get from texting, like pretending to text to avoid someone, easy communication with people, I actually don't like texting. I don't text that much, I get lazy when it comes to texting (or it depends with the person I'm texting). I'm not the kind who would reply to every text messages that I received except for really important matters. And I especially hate those chain messages with curses/jinxes that people send, so wrong!

Let's now go to a movie wherein texting has became the start of their so-called relationship. So, early this morning about 2:00, I was not really that sleepy and I was looking for something to watch, and I decided to watch this.

Textuality (Romantic Comedy)

    The story revolves around the lives of Simone (Carly Pope) and Breslin (Jason Lewis). Breslin a financial advisor had just been left in the altar in his own wedding and can't think of anyone else but her ex-fiancee, Erin. He then engaged into promiscuous activities - juggling three girls at the same time.  Simone, on the other hand, a full time blogger and part time painter, is having an affair with a married man. And so their paths met while Breslin was driving and hit her on her bike.  She's fine, but her phone was not, so Breslin bought her a new one and that was the start of their texting relationship. They then realized that they wanted something new: a real commitment. Breslin decided to break up with her girls, not knowing that two of them already knew about it and humiliated him in a restaurant. He lost his girls as well as his job and all he could think of was Simone. Simone on the other hand, broke up with her gaggle of boy toys (consisted of three guys who she have casual sex with, and btw, know each other and agrees with the deal, no games, no deception according to her) and soon to Clive as well. Unknowingly, Clive left his wife for Simone, she then accepted to live with him. One day, Breslin went to Simone's place to give her a mixed tape he made for her but then leaves upon knowing from Clive that he was just a mere blackberry boy, one of his gaggle boys. They then had this talk on how F*ckd up their lives were and parted. Confusion now lies in both of them as they search and ponder on what they really want in their lives.
Movie quote #1: On relationship: Stance - "Not sure if it's possible for guys to be faithful in today's world" - I'm not so sure too! 
  There's really nothing new to look forward to in this movie in terms of the story. (Plot is very common). But I have to say that I really love the visual effects (by Nick Flook and Mike Sevigny) they have, those pop-up balloon messages and all (I want to learn how to do those stuff). It just makes the movie cool for me. I also find the personality of Simone really cool and somehow funny and she's really pretty! Not really a big fan of Jason (I remember seeing him in an episode of House,MD), but he's really a sweet playboy in the movie and he has a really nice name - Breslin! There was also a big black jackstone in the movie, I want one of those. 
Movie quote #2: "There is a prince underneath that green and phibious (was that the word?) skin of his"  - I think all boys have that prince inside them somewhere, just how girls wanted to be princesses of their future princes. 
Movie quote #3: "On Character Study - We need to go deeper than the surface, find the good, find the evil, we all have both" - I say, in loving someone, you'll gonna find good and the bad in him or her, the real challenge is to learn to accept them both. 
 That's it! Tee Hee!


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