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    I have a tumblr account wherein I share some of my edited works (I'm having difficulties finding the others, my files were everywhere. Must find time to organize them), follow me! I really want to print all of the stuff I've made, but it would cost me too much, so I'll just put it here in my online portfolio. (click the picture to go there)

       I’m really fond of editing stuff since high school. At first, it was just for my own use like for my profile, display pictures and testimonials on social networking sites but now it’s more of for my college organization wherein I help in making event posters and such. I really can’t remember the first time I edited a photo, one thing I remembered was that it was not Adobe  that I’m using back then, it was ACDsee and Corel. Now I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Xara 3D6.

       A lot of people would ask me how did I learn to use photoshop and I can’t, particularly, remember my answers to them but it would basically include: I used to edit simple stuff in high school, I browse for tutorials in Youtube (It’s amazing what you can learn from the internet, nowadays) and just practice and explore stuff while using the program. On the other hand, my works are not all original; since I use resources and stocks I’ve downloaded in and other sites. The most difficult part in editing is actually brain storming on the design per se not the editing part.

        The thing that really enhanced this skill I have in photoshop is actually practicing and it was during my early college days that I grew to love editing. When I was in first year college, I joined a shirt design making contest in our college. It was actually the first time I joined an editing contest and to design a shirt. At first, I thought that I would not be able to pass it because classes were suspended on the day of the deadline, but still, I did with the help of my friend, and I won! Yey! I was really happy receiving the text message. Even before the announcement of winners, I was already happy, since the voting was done on web and the student council set up a computer in front of the org room, and I get to see the reactions of other people with my design. I did not really ask others to vote for it (I’d like people to vote mainly because they really like my design and not because I asked them to) but luckily I still won. It was actually the first winning that I was really happy about (and not academically related). Too bad, the shirt did not turned out like what it’s supposed to be, still, that was my design and the people in my college are wearing it! That is mega cool. I did joined many contest after that, but I did not win since then. That contest opened doors for improving my editing skills. Our president asked if I could make an event poster and I said I’ll try and from that moment, they would again request for another, up until I was third year already and I became the Assistant Multimedia Head. 

        There were times that I grew tired of editing. It just became too much for me (that feeling of being required to do something and not being able to feel the fun out it), but it was only for a short time. Also, I get drained out from creative juices that everything I could think of was really boring. What I actually do on those situations is that I browsed pictures in and somehow integrate ideas from different works. Seeing great edited works really inspired me to try harder and improve more. Also, there is this thing when I edit. I only edit in my desktop computer because this laptop I have is already worn out and the way I like to call it "Di Puk-Pok" (you have to hit it to make it work). It's kind of difficult for me since I could not bring my desktop anywhere I wanted to edit my stuff, so sometimes it becomes burdensome. (I stay in a dorm and go home during weekends, so sometimes even if I wanted to go home, I'll stay in my dorm to finish the stuff I need to do, or when I'm in school and we have this long break which I can use to finish editing but I have no choice but to go back in my dorm and do it there). How I just wish someone with a great heart and a lot of money would buy me a new one. 

       I've done quite a few stuff already, from web templates, cards, invitations, tarpaulins, college mascot, up to designing an academic planner (that was really a challenge, because I got to edit all the pages, so tiring). They're not that of a professional level of greatness, but more of of fine and nice. I'm actually thinking on how to earn money from editing, like accept editing jobs, but I changed my mind because I got scared thinking that people may demand for something I can't produce, haha. Oh well, my tip for beginners in photoshop (not that I am an expert of this) is to practice, practice, and practice.  At first it may not seem good, but try again, it will get better, I promise. Explore more on different things, make someone criticize your work (I make my sister do that task, she's really very supportive of me, haha!). If you really put your heart on some things, they will eventually bloom nicely as ever. 

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