A Little Thing Called Love (2010)

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     I decided to write about A little thing called love/ Crazy Little Thing Called Love (what I used to call it)/ Sing lek lek tee reak wa rak (in Thai) because I remembered how this movie was once a craze in our class. I heard a lot from this movie before I had watch it, how this P' someone is so cute and they would get so "kilig" (so arte, haha, I really don't know how to translate that in english, so I searched for it and it said "shuddered in delight", but I prefer to use KILIG instead) remembering the different parts of the movie. Also, one of my classmate would imitate one of the character, I laughed even if I don't know who that is, then when I saw the movie, I really laughed so hard knowing already who he was copying. I really had no intention of watching it back then, since we had a lot of things to do that time, that week was on of my busiest week since our presentations were all set that week. But then, I still got a copy from my rlemate since she already have my flash drive. And with all the works I still have to finish, I still watched it (I couldn't really help myself, since I already have a copy, darn). 

     I would usually watch something while eating my dinner, it would be usually a series since it would only take less than an hour but that time I decided to watch this movie thinking that I could continue the rest for the next day/dinner since it's part by part. I was really looking up to this movie from all the comments they have about it. (sometimes, or most of the time I get disappointed since I was really expecting something great from a movie because of all the good comments about it, but then upon watching it, it did not really met up to my expectations: overrated!?) This movie is somewhere in between, it was not disappointing, also, it had not reached that of my expectations. I really find it to be nice and cute except for one thing, which is the ending (I'm going to tell later).

    Before I write the plot of the story, let me first share this teaser of the tagalized version of this movie which will be shown in ABS-CBN, just so you know, I am a proud Kapamilya. I saw this on the television while I'm editing the pictures which I'm going to use for this entry. I know, for sure, that filipinos would really love it. 

A Little Thing Called Love (Romantic Comedy)

          This story is about a young lady named Nam (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibo) who has this secret crush with one of the heartthrobs/ football players in their school, P' Shone (Mario Maurer).  She is seen as an ugly duckling but she took effort to improve on her looks with the help from her friends, and be better on her studies for this boy she really admires, thinking that she would get noticed by him. One day, P'Shone's childhood friend, P'Top, showed up and told Shone that he likes Nam. P'Top, told Nam about his feelings and ask her to be his girlfriend but Nam did not answer, making P'Top think that it's fine with her. Things did not turned out well for Nam and Top, that Top told Shone not to hit on Nam because it would be really painful seeing him with his love, and Shone agreed. 

    The day came when Nam decided to tell Shone about her feelings but Shone already is with someone else. That same day, when Shone got home, he was faced up with a news that he had to leave as soon as possible. He then took a notebook in his room, and it showed an album of Nam's pictures and his moments with her. It became clear how he too had a crush with Nam up from the start. Shone, then, left the notebook in Nam's doorstep and did not even said anything to her, mainly because of his promise to his friend. They both already had different lives 9 years later, Nam was already a fashion designer while Shone is a professional photographer. The big question is, would they be together in the end or are the moments they have will remain mere memories of the old days?

   Well, aside from all the crushes and kilig going on with the movie, there were also parts where Nam was with her friends. Her friends who helped her with her mission of getting Shone to notice her. They were the best of friends, until one incident test their friendship when it was Cheer's birthday but Nam chose to be with Top and Shone's friends rather. This movie really reminds me of my elementary days, though I did not have the same experience as with Nam but it reminds me of my two best friends. We hung out together, talked for hours on the phone, ate together during breaks, wrote letters and we even have this secret notebook where we share everything about school, crushes and stuff, since we were not always classmates back then. I actually still have those letters and the notebooks, I keep stuff like those for reminiscing once in a while (I'm really sentimental). I really miss them both because we're not really seeing each other anymore. 

     Next, the best and the not so good part. I'll start with the not so good part. I've said a while ago, that I really did not like the ending part. There is really something wrong about it. I just think there could have been a better way (more romantic) for them to meet again, not in a tv program. And I did not find it realistic seeing Nam's friends with their uniforms and grown-up stuff, they look like that they're having a dress-up of some sort. And there's this thing in my mind that wanted to see the reactions of Nam upon seeing the album and all the stuff in between the day they came apart up to the day they met again. There were just many questions in my head that will just remain unanswered. But still, (okay, I'm going to say it) they're together in the end, which is a good thing.

    Finally, my favorite part, which I believe is also the favorite part of most of us who have watched it. The part when Shone went home and he looked at the chocolate from Nam and browsed on an album he made on Nam. It really was the sweetest thing  about the movie. It gave us Shone's perspective on this whole crush thing, that he too had been keeping a secret crush on Nam. May I just say, he is so "torpe" (another word that I don't know the english of-pertaining to, usually a boy who can't or is timid to say to a girl how he feels about her), he could have said it as early as possible, but then, I guess there wouldn't be a story  after all. It was  sweet but really sad. 

    This blog could not end without me saying that Mario Maurer is really a cutie! Nam as well! (I'm sorry, her real name is long) They two are just so lovely to watch. This movie wouldn't be that successful on the kilig factor if it wasn't really for them. Nam really reminds me of Kim Chiu and Alex Gonzaga (actresses here in the Philippines). 

   Now, let's talk about crushes. I believe that everyone of us have at least one crush in our existence. Not only teenagers have it but as well as little kids and adults. My niece have one but she's just too shy to say it and would even deny it. But, we know that she does. It's weird how having a crush makes our lives brighter and more colorful. It's the mere presence of them, a glance or even a memory of that glimpse you took of him or her from a distance (I just have to add this, sometimes, even just hearing the name of you crush), is what makes your day and the next thing you'll know is that you'll be having this pinkish cheeks and a smile that seemed to be glued forever in your face. And for the exaggerated/greatly overwhelmed ones, they would even scream for they are just full of great emotions waiting to burst out. They just can't help it . I just thought that maybe one reason why social networks are a hit is because there, you could actually stalk your crushes without them knowing. 

The end.


  • Golda Kristy Tabid-Grospe said...

    I absolutely love this movie! I don't think I would get tired of this ever!:D Everytime I watch it (yeah, again and again haha), I am still glued to the screen like the first time and I still get emotional in the end. A Little Thing Called Love is definitely one of the best movies I've seen in my life.:D


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