Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

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       I was browsing some channels this morning and then I heard this sad news that Neil Armstrong died  (at age 82) yesterday after having complications from a heart surgery.

          I think everyone knows him as the First Man to Walk on the Moon. I still remember how he and other space people and animals were thought in Science, way back in my elementary years and how quiz bees and game shows use what he had accomplished as their questions. 

    I once dreamt of becoming an astronaut, travelling the vast outer space, which I think is really a nice place to see and experience new things, and how I wish I could be able to float in space and wear those suits. Space exploration is really one of the coolest things man had ever done. I remember reading that some time soon, space travelling will be open not just for astronauts, but for ordinary people as well. I wish I'm still alive by then. Imagine how great that would be, flying to the moon, just like that! Space being a home, away from Earth. Well, enough about that. 

I know Neil Armstrong would be greatly remembered. 
A true inspiration.

"There are places to go beyond belief"  - Neil Armstrong

I know that he is now in that place. 
May you rest in peace, Neil Armstrong.

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