The Wait Is Over

Thursday, August 23, 2012 4 comments
            Words can't really express my feeling! I've been waiting for this for almost two months, and it has been  the worthiest wait I have been through.
            Last night, I received a message that the results will be released that night or the next morning so about 11pm, I kept on refreshing PRC's page! And every time  the home page goes blank, it gets me! (Kulang na lang lumabas "WAG KANG MASYADONG ATAT! WALA PA!). I can't manage to put myself to sleep, I want to see it already!

Today came! I thought that maybe they would not really release it today, maybe tomorrow…

But then, 2:00 came...

             I went to the site of PRC the moment I heard from my sister that it has been released. And it's finally the real thing!

              I opened the link, my hands were trembling,  darn!, it was loading so slow, so I just downloaded the one uploaded in our batch page… this is it! The moment of truth!

scrolled down  a little bit to reach the C surnames…

            And there it was! One of the most beautiful black and white thing I've seen in my life. Wow! I can just feel my heart pounding and I can't stop looking at it! And one great thing also, is that I know that my sister also passed. Her name is just below mine. She can't open the file yet, so I just told her - WE PASSED!

I have nothing to compare the joy I'm feeling that moment. Really!

Thank you LORD for everything! 

Mama Mary
St. Jude Thaddeus
Our Lady of Manaoag
Our Mother of Perpetual Help
Black Nazarene
St. Clare of Assisi
St. Gabriel
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Elizabeth of Hungary


I'd also like to thank my family, relatives and friends,
all my professors, teachers and advisers, and

My Alma Mater, University of Santo Tomas

THANK YOU for Everything!

       I'd like to congratulate all those who passed the June July 2012 Nursing Licensure Exams! Especially to the topnotchers! My fellow Thomasians and my friends who made it as well. 

        But sadly, it is not that of a good news for everyone, considering that only 27,823 out of 60,895 takers have passed. Distressing the news of not passing may be, I hope those people will still have the courage and strength to continue and not just give up on their nursing career.  I can't really speak up for them for I honestly don't know how it is like, but I know that it is not good, for they may feel disappointed, embarrassed, depressed, and may be up to the point of doing something self-destructive (may God forbid). If you know someone who unfortunately did not make it, I think the best thing to do is to make them feel that you're just there for them, you may not know what the right thing to say to them, but just be by their side, no matter what happen. 

God bless everyone! 


  • Catherine Castro said...

    One of the most beautiful black and white thing I've seen in my life.
    ----super like this line!!!!!

    waaahh... congrats satin... :)
    di padin aq makapaniwala..

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