Yulia Brodskaya

Sunday, August 5, 2012 2 comments
   Do you believe in Love at first sight? I do! And I know you will too, after seeing her works, no even only one of her works, at first glance, you'll be awed. I guarantee that! 

   Browsing my news feed in facebook, I came upon RD's post, and the picture really caught my eye and I was like "Is that quilling?". When I was in high school, I have this thing for scrapbooking and I saw this really cool display in National Bookstore and it was called Paper Quilling and it was so beautiful, but unfortunately it was very expensive as well. So I did not have the chance to learn how to do it. 

   Just for info, according to Wikipedia, Quilling or Paper filigree is an art form that  involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. Yes! Those are made of papers! Interesting and amazing isn't it?

   Now, I'm about to showcase this super talented artist that I began to love as well, the moment I saw her works. Her name is Yulia Brodskaya, (that's a really a lovely name), of Russian descent, an artist and illustrator known for her Papergraphic works. She had earned an international reputation for her innovative paper works and was given the title of "Breakthrough Star 2009" of the Creative Review Magazine. She puts her two love together, Paper and Typography, and creates fabulous pieces of art. She began to capture the hearts of different clientele such as Reader's Digest, Starbucks, Hermes, Google, O: The Oprah Magazine, Sephora, Ford, Target, Ferrero, Cadbury and a lot more. Here are some of her papergraphic works including non-typo ones. 

   Just imagine how long it takes to make those delicately designed craft. I'm personally into creating things like this, hand-made stuff, though it would take a lot of time, it would  as well take a lot of patience, inspiration and passion to make, in short, love has got to take place in while making arts like this and it would show eventually with the output at the end. Though creating these pieces seems like a job to earn money, I believe it would always be personal, sharing or putting a little bit of who you are in every piece of art that you do. That's why I appreciate whenever people would give something they have created, even if it's just a thank you letter or a drawing, it always has a personal touch to it, that's why I love it. It also is my thing in giving gifts, I always make it a point that there is something I have done with a personal touch and great effort, especially to the ones I love. (Sorry for using the word personal so many times). I also have seen some of her works she might have given to her loved ones, which was really nice. 

   Though she is famous from her papergraphic pieces, she also does other different works, like digital graphic, typography and beautiful sketches and drawings. I love her use of colors, having just the right feel of it and very diverse having those bright colors, earthy colors and those of the monochrome . The kind that I'd like to use as well if only I learn how to blend colors and such.  Here are some of her other works.

   Wow! She really is so talented! I'm such a fan! I really dream of being able to do this kind of stuff. Maybe in the future I also will be able to do such. That facebook moment just brings the memory of my art-y days, oh how I just love arts like this! 

This is where I got all the pictures of her works,
visit here website artyulia.com for more. 


  • Catherine Castro said...

    galing naman nung paper quilling na un...:))
    ung artist parang cast ng harry potter sa pic nia.. ehehe.. :)

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