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       I still can remember the first time I watched a Harry Potter movie. The Sorcerer's Stone was released, I believe in 2001, I was in grade 4 that time. After the movie, I knew it would be a start of something really special! We then went by a stall selling different harry potter things and  maybe because I spent almost all the time in front of the books, my mother asked me if I want them, of course I said yes!  She bought me the first three  books in paperback.  I immediately start reading the first book the moment we came home and as I and my sister went to sleep, we would imitate some of the characters in the movie. Here are some of the unforgettable lines! Can you remember who said them?!

"It's leviOsa, not levioSAr!"
"What an Idiot!"
"Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow!"  

Harry Potter was the most amazing thing I've ever seen back then, that I can't get over  it for years. I would…


Alright, Alright! 
Potted Potter! The Unauthorized Harry Experience!
Sorry I got carried away!

FROM: bocsticketing.com.au

      I heard about this on the radio and I eventually searched for the details on the internet, but when I was in the verge of buying a ticket online, all the balcony and loge seats were taken already. (That's the best I can do and I really hate asking for money) So I just said to myself "maybe next time", but last Tuesday, the opening day, I saw this post regarding last minute tickets (until available) which were cheap already considering that it would be an orchestra seat, and I thought of going, but I was also hesitant since the venue is far from our house. I didn't take the risk, but I was still checking the site every now and then and I found out that seats for one of the Friday shows were discounted already from about 3 thousand to 2 thousand. Still pricey but also an advantageous purchase. After some deliberation with myself, I then decided to watch the show on my own with the money I have saved hoping that it's all going to be worth it! I also asked my Potterhead friend/classmate/RLEmate/, Bianca, if she had watched the show already or if she's interested on watching it. Gladly, she want to go too! 

Bought our copies of the Potted Potter Booklet Program as souvenirs!
I wish they'd also sell those potted shirts.

Waiting for the show to start at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati
We got left row front seats! So Lucky!

    By the way, you still have two more days left (including today), and 5 more shows to go. My piece of advice is, go get a ticket, when you still can! Especially to those who are still in doubt if it's worth it. I have to say that this parody did not disappoint me. I've been really expecting a lot from this one because of all the good things other people would say about it. Gladly, the performance just gave its all reaching over and beyond what I expected. Also, a part that made me decide to watch is of the once in a lifetime opportunity to watch it, lucky we are, they decided to do a show in Manila, they may not be able to do it again next time. So go ahead Potterheads! It's going to be LEGEN.. wait for it! DARY! Tickets are running out!  

Now, let's have it one by one.

The story:  A very straight forward and humorous potted (meaning summarized, I actually thought potted pertained to someone who used marijuana and eventually gets the the side effect of hilarity, since this is a parody, I guess i'm wrong) version of the seven books in just seventy minutes. 

What to see: A great deal of gags, dance and song numbers! But wait! there's more. What's the most spectacular thing about Hogwarts? Magic of course! 

The set: I'm a big fan of huge backdrops, great props and hand crafted costumes. But this act had proven that entertainment is not all about those things, it doesn't matter what size is it or how weird or realistic it is, what matters is how you take on with what you have and make it just as amazing.  Their use of props made me remember "Props" segment in Whose Line Is It Anyway. Very funny!

The actors: Two actors for 360 HP characters? How is that possible?! 

FROM facebook

        Great job to both Jesse and Gary! I'm a fan of them already! They are a superb duo! (They're like Batman and Robin, Sam and Frodo, Scooby Doo and Shaggy, Woody and Buzz, Dolphy and Panchito,etc.) And very charming on stage, with their pair of pants and cool potted shirtsI feel that they too are having fun (making fun with each other!) at the same time as we are, though I actually felt bad for Gary (while laughing), for having to go through all those things (Insert Jesse playing Snape playing Dr. Evil, here: I'm bad..or am I?).  Too bad we didn't get the chance to have our booklets signed and have our pictures taken with them .

What I didn't like that much:, but it's not their fault, is that I could not understand some of their jokes, of British-origin (one of the actor even admitted that it's WALEY! Not the actual word though, oh I can just imagine him saying that, which is actually a slang word here in the Philippines, meaning that a joke did not work or was corny) but I still would laugh because they sounded or looked funny. However, they did put effort on making their jokes relevant to the Philippine setting, which I really appreciated. 

What I liked/loved: about the performance is that it was really an interactive one (you're not just gonna sit there and stare at them), and that's why it somehow depends on how the audience would react to what they say or do. And good thing that our group was spirited enough. I love the side comments and ad libs  every now and then.

The best part: was (besides the parts where Jesse make fun of Gary) of course the Quidditch, and we  got to experience it first hand!

 Guess who was chosen to be a seeker?! (With enthusiasm!)

Nope! It was not me, (but good guess!) it's actually my friend Bianca! But I got to do my thing as one of the Slytherin chasers. That was so much fun! We lost!  The winner gets..."Money!" said the boy. They also have something in store for the losing team! P.S.  Don't forget to bring your broomsticks! Ha!

     Now, the big question, how do they really do it?! Searching for reviews about Potted Potter, the one thing I noticed that's common among them is that they all seemed to have enjoyed the Quidditch, but with some sort of fidelius charm, they would not say anything about how it went. But your lucky, you know why? because I'm going to tell you…(..Obliviate!)

Where was I?

Who should watch this?: Wondering if you'll enjoy the show or not? Do you really have to know/like harry potter to enjoy this show? All I can say is that I really enjoyed the show and I'm a potterhead. I really can't say that you'll (non-HP fans) enjoy this as much as I've enjoyed it and I'm not saying that you should not watch it, it's just that,in my opinion, the show is somehow based on what's going on with your mind, you may not find funny the things that seem normal unless you've seen or read the real thing to compare it with. But don't mind me, others have testified that they have enjoyed the show despite being a non-HP fan. 

How I was like in the show?: I think I had an overdose of cheering charm during the show. I was either laughing or cheering the whole time (Even when Dumbledore died! That was indeed awkward!) Withdrawing is really difficult, I just want to watch them again and again (or just keep rewinding them on my mind), and have a great time . 

Over-all performance: was amusing! 

    Hands down to the actors, to the creative and production design teams and most especially to the two who have brought us to the world of Potted Potter! 

Potted Potter is truly an amazing show! 

"Bloody Brilliant!"

For other information regarding the show in Manila, visit ticketworld.com or any ticketworld outlets nearest you!
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