Movie of the Day #1 : The Greatest Game Ever Played

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    I decided to make this segment in my blog, entitled Movie of the Day, so that I could update my blog more and not to overwhelm you with the long posts on movies I had before, but I'd still do that every now and then. So basically this is how it would go. 

The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)

Cast: Shia LaBeouf (Francis Ouimet), Stephen Dillane (Harry Vardon), Josh Flitter (Eddie Lowry), Marnie McPhail (Mary Ouimet), Elias Koteas (Arthur Ouimet), Matthew Knight (Young Francis)

Genre: Drama, Sports

The Story: is on how a young Francis Ouimet, who grew as a caddie, dreams and hopes on becoming a well-known golf player like his idol Harry Vardon, in a time that the said game is played and won only by those considered well-off gentlemen in the society. A story of hardships and perseverance. At the end, he was  considered to be the first amateur to win the U.S open, against greatest golfers of that time.  


Why I love it and why will you? 

       Years ago when I borrowed this movie in Video City, I was more into watching it because of Shia LaBeouf, but when I finished it, my tears can truly speak on how I love the story. It's a very moving story on not giving up on your dreams despite hindrances like your family, your economic status, previous failures, etc. What's more is that this movie is actually based on a real life story, which makes it more inspiring. It's also amazing how you can learn a lot about golf in this movie. Every hit, every score will excite you, and yes I'm particularly pertaining to that raining scene. You'll also love Francis' little caddie, Eddie, that cute, adorable kid. Here he is!

My Favorite Scenes: There's many, but I'd bring it down to three. First is a very short scene when this golf club-maker left a club for Francis when he was still a kid and that was the start of it all. Come to think of it, that man made it possible for the young Francis to experience what it was like to play golf, and he was also the one that convinced him to join the open and trained him.  

    The second is the first time he met Harry Vardon as a kid. He volunteered during a fans day sort-of thing, Harry said to him "Even in hour darkest hour, we must always remember, never despair!". Also a proud mom his mother was, there. Her mother is amazing and lovely, supporting  him all the way, getting all excited and nervous every time he plays .

     The last one is of course at the end, the finale scene. From the slow motion part where the ball went in the hole, her mother and the crowd went all wild and when Francis was carried by a few men after his victory, he saw his father in the crowd giving money as well. That was a bucket-of-tears moment for me, I could watch that scene all over again and not get used to it. It was just a lovely scene knowing that a lot of people are happy for you most especially you parents. Ah what a proud moment it was. 

    Thanks for reading! You, why do you love this movie and what's your favorite scene?

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