My Music as a Kid: Britney, Xtina, and boy bands!

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         Watching The Voice and X Factor US just reminds me of my childhood days. A whole lot of Christina and Britney all over again! We (I and my sister) are a big fan of both of them. We would buy cassette tapes of them, watch them on music channels, memorize their songs, watch their movies. Also, in elementary we would dance with their music  (Yes, I do dance in the past! Haha). They're just two of the bests of our generation!

          We love Britney's Lucky, I'm not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman, Oops!...I did it again and
 Xtina's The Voice Within, Beautiful and Fighter!

    Seeing again those two, is simply amazing, and I still do admire them, their voice and music, and now their coaching. I thought I've outgrown them but it all comes back, like it was just the same two that we loved, yes it is actually, though with a couple of few pounds, need not to say.

        It's Britney Spears' first time in X Factor  and with her few episodes aired, I really find her adorable to watch. A lot is really going on with her, she would be sweet (Singing for LA, that was one of the sweetest thing!), funny (her reactions are just pure!) and would honestly say mean things to the contestants (I enjoyed her clips on It's Britney bitch! See video clip below) The $15 M is not put to waste, since season 2 of X Factor US is truly a hit  for me than the first (biased here, but don't get me wrong, Cheryl's accent, Paula's craziness and Nicole's fierceness were great to watch as well, I learned to love them too! It's just that Britney and Demi had a greater impact on me watching the show- just as how the X factor people wanted it to be- they got me there even if I am not a teen anymore). Anyway, good luck to her on the teens category!

       Segway on X factor itself, isn't it weird that the X factor Philippines has a 4 million peso grand prize while the US have 5 million dollars! I stopped watching (religiously) our very own after AKA JAM and Mark Mabasa were voted out! It just wasn't right! 

        Now on Christina Aguilera. Who doesn't love her together with the other coaches? Her chemistry with them is just amazing. I love watching her on the show (aside from Adam and of course the ever handsome Blake Shelton!), her performances and make-war with Adam . I believe she has a very good team this season, I hope team Xtina wins!  Here is her new single "Your Body".

But aside from those two talented teen popstars, we too are a big fan of boy bands back then, who isn't? (especially those born in the 90's). Here are some of them plus our favorite songs.

Backstreet Boys 
(Larger than Life, Shape of my Heart, Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely)

'N Sync 
(This I Promise You, Bye Bye Bye)

(I Lay My Love On You, Seasons in the Sun, Uptown Girl)

(Like a Rose, Take on Me, Same Old Brand New You)

Here they are after so many years, or some of them. Handsome men as ever!

     We also have our crushes on each of those boy bands. Mine were Ben, Nick, Justine, JC and Mark.

        Finally, I know he's not a boy band member but we also loved Aaron Carter (brother of Nick Carter), he's like the Justine Bieber of the late 90's.

Who could ever forget his songs, like "I'm All About You, I Want Candy, Oh Aaron,"

Here he is, all grown up!

Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures I have used in this post. I just googled them and put them together. Videos from youtube.


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