Movie of the Day #7: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Monday, December 10, 2012 2 comments

Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012)

    I should be rambling about our Ilocos trip weeks ago, but unfortunately I've been busy with other stuff. For now, here is a Movie of the Day, to update my blog (it's been weeks, I know!). Anyway, I wrote this last Tuesday but our connection was down so I was not able to post it.

Cast: Kristen Stewart as Bella, Robert Pattinson as Edward and Taylor Lautner as Jacob

Genre: Fantasy, Romance


The Story: is about how Edward and Bella's happy ending went through. The part one left us with Bella (bitten by Edward to save her), the already vampire, but before that vampire part, Bella is already having a baby inside her. With that, comes this last part, the so-called epic finale of the Twilight saga where they have to defend to the Volchever (and yes I meant Volturi, couldn't remember the name while drafting this), that their daughter, Renesmee, is not a full vampire/ an immortal child, which is very dangerous since even a small tantrum of an untrained toddler vampire could kill a lot of humans. 


Why I love it and why will you? 
      I'll admit that I'm one of the people who just recently watched it, since movies like this one belongs to the movie-promised-to-be-watched-with-family and so it took me a long time to. But it was fine with me since I'm not really that eager to watch it despite how every people kept saying how good it was. After watching it, I did say that the movie really gave a lot, it really is entertaining to watch. I really thought that people are just overreacting when they say that it's really beautiful, because they tend to always say it for the past Twilight movies. Well, this is the first time that I really enjoyed a Twilight movie (even the trailer seemed promising, the first time I saw it). I'll admit that I never am a big Twilight fan, nor of vampires and of Bella, personally (after what he did to Robert! Kidding! I just don't feel the character of Bella), but in this last installment, I did like Bella as a vampire! (Watching the past movies, I would never say that! - Never say never!) She's indeed born to be a vampire! That fierce red eye suits her!

    The theme of family ties, sacrifice, loyalty, and love was shown all over it, no wonder the CBCP endorses it. Aside from that it becomes clear here (at least for me) who's Jacob's partner would be, tentenen! It's Renesmee! Apparently for the avid fans, being imprinted by someone means that he/she is your soul mate! (Sorry, I don't talk Twilight) 

My favorite scenes

     I loved the part where she was experiencing how is it like to be a vampire (making being a vampire really cool!), and that part where she is practicing not to act like one. Also, the different powers/gifts the different vampires have were a pretty nice touch to them.

     The fight scene was really fun and exciting to watch. I did felt sad when Carlisle was beheaded and then Jasper, really why do the good looking guys have to die. And I don't like to sound morbid but I really enjoyed the beheading scenes, it was so smooth, like that of a swoosh of a samurai sword without the sword, so cool! 

    And then the most epic part sets in just when you are at the edge of your seat waiting for what's to happen to the Volturi after Aro died, BOOM! It was just a vision! Really funny! 

    One awesome part too was when Bella said that she has to show Edward something and then A Thousand Years started playing in the background when a montage of their moments/memoirs was shown. It was really funny! But still was really sweet, nice and cool! (Imagine you could do that! A built in movie maker in your mind, just think of the memory, add up some transitions and a theme song and viola!)

To end, I'd like to say, (just for the record):
I liked Garrett among all the vampire witnesses. 

Carlisle is my favorite of the Cullen guys!
 I love Alice among the girls!

You must be saying "and yet you say your not a fan of vampire!" 
My answer "they're not just vampires, they're cool and nice-looking vampires! 
There's a difference! hihi!

And i'm on team Edward, or I'd like to say team Cedric.

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wikipedia (poster)

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  • Pink Line said...

    nabasa ko yung book nito pero hindi nag-sink in saken na vision lang pala ni Alice yung fight seen kaya nalungkot din ako nung mamatay si Carlisle.. love ko pa naman sya...

    buti na lang happy ending :)

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