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Thursday, December 13, 2012 3 comments
         I'm always a fan of anything personalized, for it generates a sense of uniqueness, effort and ownership, and because I'm very sentimental. When in college (well, up to now) I have this personalized card thing that I usually do whenever there is an occasion within a circle, usually a birthday. As much as I'd like to do it with different arts and craftsmanship (like in scrapbooking - which I also love to do), time wouldn't always agree, so since I also love tweaking pictures in photoshop, I just decided to make a digital version of it, which is less time consuming, and I would just have it printed afterwards (inspired by the Christmas cards our relatives would usually send with their family pictures) much like a poster and fold it in half. The last thing to do is to have your friends/group members write their messages. 

  I think I started to do this thing for my RLEmate Sheena's birthday way back 2009, and from that day on I (we) would usually do it for my (our)  RLEmates/ classmates/ clinical instructors/ teachers/ friends. Here are some of them. 

The very first card I ever made, for Sheena's birthday.
        This one is for our very first clinical instructor in a Medical Ward, during our second year. It's entitled What's the Case of your Patient? because she would always ask that question whenever we would have our one on one discussion.
         For my classmate Shiela. I literally call her "friend" because she is used to calling all her friends as "friend" or "kaibigan", and we just adapted the same. This was actually used in her invitation, I could not find the card version. 
      This one is for Shiela's korean buddy Helena. She's here for the Student Exchange Program in our college. Though I did not signed up to be one of the buddies, I was also able to meet some Koreans because some of my classmates did. It was really a nice experience to interact/socialize with them in the clinical setting and outside of it as well. 

For my lovely RLEmates, Pat and Donna
For our fourth year adviser's birthday, which was supposedly a card also but since we would not be able to write in it, a poster would do fine. 
For one of the best clinical instructors we had.

 These were the recent ones. For the birthday boys.

For AC, our model classmate! 
The last two here are for Sheena's friends. 

           My RLEmates would tease me to do my own card and just let them sign, but during my 20th birthday they gave me my very own personalized card (made by Daniele, the artist in our RLE)

Programs I use
Xara 3D (for the 3D texts)
Adobe Photoshop CS4

PSD's and other photoshop resources from, 
sorry if I'm not able to name all.

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  • Caroline Castro said...

    @chacha: Aww, thank you! :)

    @Pink Line: Haha hindi ko alam paano ie-explain, basta sa photoshop, tapos kapag may mga free files na sa net like yung mga frames, itouch, ginagamit ko din, binabago ko na lang mga pictures and texts. Hehe :)

    Sure! Sabihan mo lang ako! :)

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