Up to the North: Ilocos Trip

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     We were yet students when we planned to go to this Ilocos trip and we even  had our contract in promise to attend to it after our graduation, which was further delayed to be after the board exam results are released. Finally we already had it done by the end of last month. Unfortunately only seven (out of twelve members of our RLE) were able to come. But still that's already a big number considering all things, including parent's approval, budget, work schedule, etc. 

      Nothing is quite liberating with traveling alone and securing as with family trips, but nothing  can also compare to the one of a kind enjoyment you'll experience when you're with your friends. It's like those two things together, going on a trip without the comfort of having your parents, who are responsible for most of the stressful things (let's admit it, but I guess this doesn't apply for all), but somehow you'll still have the security of going along with someone you know and think of as your second family. That's how I see it. 

So why Ilocos?

     Aside from being one of the most beautiful places in the country with all its history, attractions and landscapes, it's also the home of our RLEmate, Donna, which was cool because we sort of  have a host in our trip. Her family was really very nice and accommodating in sharing their place to us when we were in Ilocos Sur. 

Now, let me introduce you to my lovely company. 

How it Went?

    Pretty fun and amazing, yet tiring since we only have three days and so our everyday schedule is always jam-packed. 

    Here is the overview of our Ilocos trip with our group pictures (The autofocus of my camera is broken, so making the tour guides take the shot was quite a hassle, and so most of my group shots don't include me. Thanks to my fellow bloggers BiancaDonna and Eunice for these group pictures!), sadly for some places we don't really have. I will be posting Photoblog entries for more photos and tidbits on each of the said places (Just click on the title links below). Do visit my friends' blogs for more detailed information on the different places we'd been.

      We rode a bus in Manila to Ilocos Sur during the night, after seven hours, I think, we arrived in Ilocos Sur, which is before dawn. We rested in Donna's place for some time and after which we prepared for our Ilocos Sur tour.

First Day: Ilocos Sur

Lunch at Cafe Leona
Crisologo Museum
Pagburnayan Pottery
Hidden Garden
Irene's Ilocos Empanada
Banaoang River/Bridge

The next day, with our very own coaster courtesy of Donna, 
we drove towards Ilocos Norte,

Second Day: Sur to Norte

Vigan Heritage Village
Currimao Coral Formation
Juan Luna House
Malacanang of the North
Paoay Church
Paoay Lake
Pagudpud (night)

Third day: Ilocos Norte

Patapat Viaduct
Kabigan Falls
Pagudpud (day)
Bangui Windmills
Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation
Then back to Ilocos Sur and then Manila.

I'm hoping that we could do more of this soon. It was really a great experience. 

Just to share, 
the theme song of our trip was this super cute song in Youtube entitled 
"Dumb Ways to Die", 
and we even have our own version, based on our experiences, 
composed by Eunice. 

Got yourself killed by insect bites

Suffocate to death with insecticide

Had yourself hit by a tourist bus

Posing by the ledge and fall on the ground

Dumb ways to die

So many dumb ways to die

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