I Just Learned How To Ride A Bike

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 3 comments
   I can officially say that I'm no longer a #IDONTKNOWHOWTORIDEABIKE member! For I have now mastered the art of RIDING a BICYCLE! HA! (well not really mastered). The aftermath-feeling is just unbelievable. I felt I was invincible! 

Now I'm going to tell my bike story (with a lot of this and that).

   One of the not so great many things that a bum life can give a person is EXTRA POUNDS! I have been a bum for over a year now, since I graduated March of last year (actually it should be many months less because there is the review, the boards, and the waiting which for other people does not count (and with that I mean including months of those things in the bum days) and I don't even bother explaining because I guess I understood them, there's no point, as if I'd be able to change the fact and magically not get bummed if I had convinced them otherwise).

   Okay that paragraph just turned into a rant! Ha! Anyway back to my topic. Basically since review, I have been gaining pounds and pounds because of eating so much. Studying does not only make you sleepy but it really makes you hungry as well! I think I have been eating for two persons since then. It's not just that, I too have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS which affected my health and my weight because I haven't returned to my OB for three months for my treatment (I did already, btw). Lastly I don't exercise well since I left school. Okay, enough about my issues.

   Since I visited my OB, I then again started thinking about my health greatly again. I'm really stubborn at times. I asked my dad if we could again jog (due to his surgery we were not able to jog for some time), he agreed, and so we did. The first day of our jog (April 20), we saw Ruby, my high school classmate. She was doing aerobics with some of her friends. I was so excited to see her that I jumped in front if their group and I kind of stole her from them. Afterwards, I got guilty knowing that her friends left early because they seem to get tired easily without her and her encouraging words of fitness. 

I'm nearing the bike story. Promise!

   So Ruby has a bike, which I call the girl-y bike, a beach cruiser with the bell and the basket and all. I love those kind of bikes because they seem vintage and laid-back. Seeing her ride her bike struck me again that I don't know how to ride one. I said again because it actually strikes me every time we go to the commercial center to jog since there are many bikers there as well and every time, I always wished that I knew how to ride one and asked myself why we haven't really learned back when we were still kids. (We used to practice then with balancers/training wheels)

   While resting, my sister tried her bike, then I tried as well. It was a little high that I'd tip toe to reach the ground. My toes hurt afterwards, since my toenails were quite long. I was really so cautious of not falling off the bike. They say falling of comes along with learning how to ride a bike so at some point I would really fall. I was really afraid of the wounds it may bring to my skin (Arte!) and of course the humiliation. (Seeing a kid riding his/her bike looking at me practicing is embarrassing enough.)

  Every time we'd see Ruby, ever since that day, we'd try to practice with her bike. I think I got three days of more or less half an hour to practice with her bike. I was really eager to learn that I kind of hinted to my dad that I wanted the same bike as I kept asking about how much and where did she bought her bike. During the third day, I actually thought that I am an inch closer to riding her bike, but I guess I wasn't really meant to learn that day. 

We haven't been jogging since that day, for many reasons. 

   Last May 15, I told my dad that we should buy the bike that day. We had been canvassing for the same kind of bike ever since I told him. We did bought it. Unfortunately our street is not smooth enough for practicing so I have to wait until the next day to try it. I was really excited!

May 16.

   I jogged for one round which is about a kilometer and a half. Okay I walked. Ha! And then I tried the bike already. I got used to all the people looking, thinking, at least I'm trying and practicing with all that I can! Ha! 

   In just a few minutes, I got the technique and the next thing I knew I'm riding my bike already! YEY! It was really AWESOME! I think I may got a little teary-eyed after I learned. It was a surreal moment for me. REALLY! And I do think that those people looking at me were amazed that I learned that fast already.

   This is really a big deal for me, finally, after years and years of yearning to learn to ride a bike, I already know how. And when I get old, I want to remember this day and say to myself that even if it took me my age to learn how to, I still did! 

   So here's a video of me having my first bike ride. A big thanks to my sister who convinced me to have it recorded. I really didn't want to because I look haggard already. Sorry for the low quality video and all the lens flare effect! I chose Brighter than the Sun as the background song because it was hot that time so I thought of sun, but it came really fitting for the video and my momentous event! Ha!


Since I just learned how to ride a bike, I feel that I am in no position of giving tips or tutorials on how to ride one, but...

Here are some tips on learning how to ride a bike ANYWAY...
1. Practice on a bike with a height that you could reach and comfortable with (Adjust the saddle to a point where while sitting you could reach the ground both feet flat). No balancers/training wheels needed (but if you prefer them, then may as well use them)

2. Practice in a smooth and wide road. It is more safe but it does not guarantee a fall-free practice. A downward slope was helpful as well (a tip from my dad), where you can try to balance without pedaling  Note: not a very steep slope, just a slope enough to move your bike forwards.

3. Safety Wears. Helmets and knee and elbow paddings, if you have. I just wore a jogging pants and a long sleeved shirt (thinking it would somehow minimize the scratches I would have if I'd fall.)

4. My technique at first was step step (left foot push on ground) pedal (right) step step (right foot push on ground) pedal (left) and so on. Look straight, don't look at the ground, nor the wheel, nor the pedals.

5. THE REAL TECHNIQUE (The moment I got this, it all made sense)

One of the mistakes I had was when I kept controlling the steering handle in a straight manner because I don't want to fall, but the real technique is to allow it to go left or right naturally or in a curve and try to balance it from there. This is basically it! If you're still learning how to ride a bike, I really suggest that you try to find out/practice this technique.


For better tips/tutorial, here is the link to wikihow's How to Ride a Bicycle. I find this really helpful and very detailed. I wished I saw it before, when I'm still learning. The images got me actually! 

I'm 22 years old and I just learned how to ride a bike! 

Comments are highly appreciated!


  • Anonymous said...

    Hi. I see you also have PCOS. If you don't mind, i would like to ask a few things about it. Yesterday, my mom and i (i'm 15) went to a gynecologist because i have irregular period, and she wants me to get a transrectal ultrasound. May i ask how was it, and was it painful? Will i be able to handle it, or should i just wait until i'm a bit older? thanks.

  • Caroline Castro said...

    Sorry for the late reply...

    Chachucho: That's cool! High five! Isn't it amazing?!

    Anonymous: Hi! I hope you can still read this. Since it's a gynecologist who said it already, I guess you should go, asap. Well, for me, it's a bit uncomfortable but it's tolerable. You can have your mom or sister come with you in the ultrasound room if you need some comforting (I think they really need to be there since you're just 15). I had my aunt with me at first then I usually go alone already. Transrectal utz is really the one preferred (than the transvaginal utz) for the young ones and for those who are not sexually active (says my Ob-Gyne too). You could e-mail me so we could talk more about our cases, if you want. Thanks!

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