Waiting for Forever (2010)

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"If you ask me, there's a moment in everybody's life, when you're helpless, just helpless with hope and trust . And then something happens, something too big to understand, and everything changes forever. 
If you ask me, you start out with goodness, so pure and clear, you don't even know it's there, because that's the way  it is when you don't  know anything. And then, one news becomes to arrive…" 
              That was actually the introductory lines of the movie. It really caught my attention and made me ponder on things. I don't want to sound too emotional or depressed, but I have been there in that moment, where I feel like I'm this very helpless person. And I believe that I've been in that state too long enough up until now and it is really bad.  It's just that, nothing too big to understand is happening in my life that it really wouldn't change. But still, I'm waiting. I know that my moment will come that I will feel the love and happiness that I deserve or maybe I'm just not embracing what I have and find the true love happiness within it. I don't know. These sort of things are really too confusing for me to understand.

             I agree with the second statement, for example, when we were kids, everything seems to be easy and simple. But as we grow, we learn that things would not always be like before. Bad things happen, people will hurt you or try to hurt you despite every goodness you possess and kindness you show. People would even teach you how to do bad things with other people, saying that that's how life is, "you eat or you'll get eaten". The big question is Why? Why are things like that? Could it not be just how it was before? With all the innocence, simplicity and goodness. Many things nowadays, have really influence how we believe in things and how we live our lives. To bad that at times, evil would prevail, because we let it.

Waiting for Forever (Drama/Romance). 

    The story was about a boy  named Will (Tom Sturridge) and a girl named Emma (Rachel Bilson) who were best friends during their childhood days. Will's parents died from a train wreck and he was really sad about it but Emma comforted her saying that "They will always be there, you will always be loved". They were separated as they grow old. But then Will, started to follow Emma wherever she goes for he believe that they were meant to be together, forever. Upon knowing that Emma would go back in Pennsylvania, their hometown, Will then hurried to go back as well. Will does not have a car or a place to live, he would just hitchhike to reach his destinations and would perform juggling to earn money.  On his first day on their hometown, Will decided that he will already tell Emma about how he really feels about her after so many years. But then it didn't turn out like what he had imagine.

      Yeah, I'll admit at first I really thought that it would be just the typical love story that is usually portrayed. The first time I actually watched it, I watched it only until almost half I guess (I don't know, sometimes, maybe I'm really not in the mood). I really believe that it is as original as it is, unlike what critics would say that it is very generic (or I might not just watched movies with the same story). Okay, it is not the greatest love story of all time but, there is a whole lot of things to believe in this film, maybe not the actual thing the movie had shown and the fairy tale belief in life and love of Will, but more on Love and Life itself. In addition, what I really love about this movie is the soundtrack and the script/lines itself.  I really find them worthy of ponder.

      Since it is a love story, let's ponder about love. Have you ever been in love? How does it feel? Me? I don't know, not yet, I guess. But I do dream of the time when I will meet the love of my life and just feel the love we ought to share with each other. Love stories makes me feel, in a way, hopeless and hopeful at the same time. Hopeless, since, I am,  I guess, within the right age to somehow be on that moment of loving someone, but the thing is there is no someone to be with. Hopeful, on the other hand, because it makes me dream of that somebody, that someday, the right time and that right person will come and will forever be mine. But relationship is not really where I am comfortable with, I really find it stressful and confusing and I am not really the right person for it, just now, maybe soon, when I'm matured enough, responsible enough to make the right choices in my life, I will. 

     Thinking of the guy in the story, I really thought that he had a mental illness of some sort. They kind of touched the issue but then it turned out that he really wasn't such. Maybe, that's how love really moves him (a very mysterious way, isn't it?). i just wish that Will would be more of a stronger guy (but i do find what he did strongly though heartbreaking one, doing something he really did not want to), with that I mean, someone that would fight for the sake of love. If you love someone, you wouldn't really give up that easily, would you? He also has this heartfelt/childish tone in his voice. I don't know if I would get irritated by it or not. I just thought that it would be somehow weird in real life. 

    With the girl, I kind of relate to her when she kept saying she's fine, but she's really not. She kept on trying to hide the feelings she have within her, which is really a bad thing. Luckily, Will have these sensitive radar on what a person truly feels. I believe they complement each other. 

 Here are some of the lines in the movie that really caught my attention:

Being around where she might be. This was the reason of Will, why she kept on following Emma. That it doesn't matter if he would actually meet her or not. I really liked the part where he explained that he now imagines that he would wake up in the morning, and he knows that there is a possibility that they two would meet. 

Whooosh un-complicate them. This was a line by Emma's mom. I actually hate her personality. She kept on thinking that everything would be fine, not even noticing that her child obviously have a problem. In front of her, you get the feeling that she only would like to hear good stories, that is why it is really difficult to open up with her. She thinks that it is easy to un-complicate things easily, but sometimes, it just isn't. I believe that it is alright to worry with things, to have problems and the like, because that is when we learn things in life and we mature as good persons. 

You need to be strong when I'm gone. This was Emma's dad line to his wife. This part was really touching. I really felt that he loved her so much. She wanted her wife to accept the reality that he would anytime go already, but then his wife wouldn't, so he pushed her to her limit until she got angry, and they just both cried. 

 This was the content of the love letter Will sent to Emma, it was really lovely.

Truth is nothing, what you believe to be true is everything...
Bad love letters, beg for love back. Good love letters ask for nothing...
I have enough of you in my head to last forever...
If I had one wish, it would be that your life brings you the taste of happiness you had brought to me, 
that you feel what it feels like to love. 

That's it! 
I'm peachy. Everything's peachy! NOT!

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