The Ron Clark Story (2006)

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       I really believe that being a teacher (A great teacher) is the most rewarding life one could ever have. Yes, I used life, because I would not call it a job or a work for reasons of being underrated.  There is really this part of me that makes me want to be a teacher. A big factor because I idolized my previous teachers back in elementary and high school. They somewhat have been my inspirations in life. They are really great and intelligent teachers that I look up to. They have really inspired me to do my best in everything that I do and whenever I get discouraged, I would always think that they have believed in me, so why can't I?

     On the other hand, I am the kind of student who blames teachers when I can't learn anything (of course not personally, intellectually I guess), I know it's not fair to blame them but I just do. It's just that I personally think that they could have done better or exerted more effort in teaching their students. Well, this does not apply to all cases though, there are a lot of factors, still. I'm just saying. 


         I first saw this movie in Hallmark channel, it is a.k.a. The Triumph, if I remember it right. I was not able to watch it from the start so I really searched for it but I could not find a copy. 

The Ron Clark Story (Biography/Drama/Comedy).      
    This movie is about a teacher named Mr. Clark (Matthew Perry) who chose to teach a class who was viewed as having the worst students. His expertise was on making students score high on standardized tests and his skills were really put onto test upon handling the students in Inner Harlem Elementary School in New York City. It was a hell of an adventure, what he experienced with the children he handled, for his students did everything to make him leave, but he did not gave up on them. He tried his very best to make them learn no matter what. He really reached out to them and even spent time knowing each of his students and help them with their own problems - academically or not. He made them realize how great students they were; he believed in them and helped them dream big. He became their family and at the end they all were really happy of the results and improvement they have made. He had really turned the lives of his students into something worth living. 

   This movie will make us realize that we do not need special effects to have a great movie, just have a good story line and message and it will stand out and definitely, it will touch more lives, more than what you can think.

    What's really good about this story is that it is actually based on a true story. If all teachers would be like him, this world could be a better place, indeed! I have not really experience a class like that. I've never imagined a class like that to exist. At first, I really thought if it was for real, were they exaggerating? (since it is a true story) and then I have read a bunch of stories and surprisingly, children do those kind of things. I really salute, Ron Clark, he's really a one-of-a-kind teacher who sees greatness in his students and wants to make a difference in other people's lives. He really dedicates his time to his students;  he cared for them just like how a loving parent would care for their child. He's really an inspiration to everyone. 

   I blogged before in my multiply account about Teacher’s day (October 5) and I just wanted to repost this because I believe this is really worthy of spreading.

Here’s an excerpt from a very nice book - Wandering Thoughts (Lakbay-Diwa):


“All students have problems; teachers should know and help, so that their students can study.”

William Arthur Ward classifies teachers into four: (1) mediocre, (2) good, (3) superior, and (4) great. He said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.
Which kind of teacher can help our present students who have both personal and family problems?

Some teachers are “terrors”. Their students say that hearing them make them turn cold and their knees shake and quiver from fear. Some would rather drop out. They do, sometimes.

Some teachers make robots and puppets of their students. From the beginning to the end of the semester: lectures, recitations, home works, reports, tests, examinations. Nothing in between. No PR, personal attention, no rapport. When the syllabus is finished and the semester ends, she submits the grades and another batch comes in for another semester.

What influence or inspiration can this professor give? NONE

A teacher who really wants to influence or inspire her students should really try to know them as persons, not merely as numbers in her record book or as grades in her final report. She should remember that teaching is not only checking on the subject matter taught. It is very much more. It is feeling with them, or them. It is touching their lives for the better even if it is only an understanding smile.

Abangan, B.A. (1986).Wandering Thoughts (Lakbay-Diwa): Faith, Hope, Love….Manila, Philippines: Aljun Printing Press.


To my grade 6 adviser, 

A great teacher, who continuously inspires me up to now for some reasons, she just does, even though we are not really communicating in some sort , you know how it is like when other people really have great impact in your life, it’s like that, it’s because of her that I once dreamt of becoming a teacher.

My H.S. Adviser, English teacher, Statistics teacher, MAPEH teacher, 

Thank you, not only for the lessons we could learn in books, but also for believing in me and for the life’s greatest lessons you have taught me!

 to all of my teachers!

I thank you so so so so much! 

You have really been a big part of who I am today!

and to all the great teachers, professors, clinical instructors, whatever you'd like to call them,

I salute everyone of you, Keep on Teaching, Keep on Inspiring!


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