Bananas a day keep Depression away?

Saturday, June 25, 2011 0 comments
         Firstly, I am not an expert on things like this, I'd just like to share what I have heard or learned. It is way better to talk about your health with your doctors. 

          So, early this morning, on our way to pick up my sister in her dorm, I heard in the radio about this- that bananas could help fight seasonal depression (prevent rather, since I doubt it is really a cure).  

     It was said that we could eat 2-3 bananas a day (isn't it too much? I'd eat 2 at most {not everyday though just whenever we have it at home} since I thought that it would make my  poop hard which would make defecating so difficult. Anyway that's good for me since I really love bananas), the question is what kind of banana? (I am not sure if it matters) I really am not that sure with the different varieties but my favorite was that of the one we are all familiar of, we call it here the Lacatan, it is the sweet one, and resembles that of the picture on top (but it's not that, I don't know what it is called, but I call it the perfect banana, the one that Dole sells which have a perfect yellow color and really sweet taste, I sometimes buy it at 7 Eleven).

             So how does it capable of doing so? It is said that the thing that causes depression is that of the lack of the happy hormone called Serotonin. (Its level affects our mood and stuff) So what we need is something that could make our Serotonin levels boost up and that is the job of the amino acid Trytophan which is present in a banana. So that's basically it. 

               I've came upon this site which explains more about bananas and depression. It said that Banana is not a cure for depression, it just somehow prevent depressive symptoms to occur. Read more here at 

 Hello Banana lovers out there!


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