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       I think I heard about this site on a news early this morning, and it just popped out of my memory few minutes ago and so I checked out the site. Unfortunately it is not yet open for all (it will be on October), as of now it would ask you to enter your e-mail address to notify you on how to further register.

    According to the site, Pottermore.com is a free website that builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books. In the news it was said that it would have interactive activities like sorting you in a house, exploring around HP places, reading e-HP books. (She also said it in the video in the website. Watch the video to hear her story). Regarding the video, it has a really nice video effect with the book, it was really cool!

   I'm really excited to go through this site soon! I hope it is as good (or better) as jkrowling.com, I really enjoyed her personal site, very interactive, and I really want to learn how they did those graphic animations. It really amazes me!  Just to add, Pottermore is powered by Sony, so I bet it's really going to be a wonderful site, maybe better than jkrowling.com which is powered by lightmaker. 

   I'm really a Harry Potter fan (added a new label) since the first movie was released and from then on I asked my parents to buy me the books and eventually my relatives would also send me the hard bound ones; that was really nice of them. I would also collect different harry potter things, one of my favorites is the sticker album which I did not actually completed and a watch which is now worn out.

On the other hand, we're now one movie close to the ending of the movie series, and it is really a sad, sad truth. Anyway, I hope the last one will be at its best, not to disappoint us fans. 

KUDOS to Harry Potter and of course JK Rowling!


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