On a Rainy Friday

Friday, June 24, 2011 0 comments
          We're supposed to have our retreat today until sunday in Caleruega, but sadly it was postponed due to Typhoon Falcon. I woke up at about 6 this morning to pack my things (I was not able to do it last night because I'm already tired and sleepy when we got home, my daddy was stranded so I waited for him for more than 4 hours) and waited for any announcements to be made.I really thought that it would not be postponed since it would be very hassle to re-schedule things like those (still, it was). Good thing I guess is that I have more time to make retreat letters. (It's my first time to go on a retreat, didn't have them during high school)

         I just remembered how it is like to be stranded since I stayed at UST during the time of typhoon Ondoy. (I saw this UST acronym in facebook which stands for Uy, Stranded Tayo, it was really funny) It was just a very very bad scene and very devastating for others. I actually like the rain but I hate the flood, but in my three years in UST, I have no choice but to submerged my legs (luckily only the legs) on the rain water filled with garbages, poops, insects and other things that are really not supposed to be there. 

           Anyway, I did not bring any academic things home (I left it in my dorm since were having our retreat), so I have nothing to do today (that's why I'm blogging), and people here would not let me go back to Manila since rain is still pouring very hard and still floods everywhere. But, I'm really having fun here at home, especially because I got to see and spend time with my cute little niece. She's just so adorable. Look at her! 

          Finally, I would just like to say that I still don't want to go to school tomorrow, my mind is already set for the retreat, where peace, harmony, and calmness resides which is not present on a saturday class! (Information everywhere in my head fighting to stay.) I hate Saturday classes!

That's it, I shall make the rest of this day my rest day! Bye!

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