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Friday, June 24, 2011 0 comments
       It's been, what?, almost three weeks since the first day of classes, and it has been very busy (really). Academically, of course yes! but the other thing that keeps me busy is that of editing stuff. 

     I am now the Creative Committee-Multimedia Head of the UST College of Nursing Student Council, sounds really cool, doesn't it? haha! But its just the title given to the one who heads the team of people doing the posters, tarps and so on for the college, anyway, I'm really proud to be a staffer! Also, I was given the chance to be part of a University wide organization, UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization), where I am the Creative Arts Director (that title is really nice too! I feel like I'm really a professional! haha). One of their VP's was my high school classmate and she was the one who asked if I'd like to join them and be the CAD. 

         I've said in my past post that I'm really fond of doing stuff like these, and maybe you are wondering why I took up Nursing? Actually I wanted to take up Information Technology (but I don't think they do stuff like this in IT, I don't really know what course to take up in relation to graphic design and layouts), because I wanted something related to computers and our promising technology. And so I really thought about that matter for so long and decided that Nursing would be the best to choose not because of the previously high demand for nurses abroad, for the salary (I know I could earn them too, if I would choose IT) and the so-called "It's a Calling". But I chose Nursing because I know that what I will learn there would be things that are very essential not only professionally but personally as well. I could learn things that I could use everyday for my entire life. I believe that it is being practical that way! (not the other practical pertaining to earning a lot of money). Now I am in Nursing, I still get to enjoy doing stuff like these, it's like having another course tutored by the internet, for free. 

            So here it is, I'd just like to share some of the stuff I did during the past weeks. 

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