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Sunday, July 17, 2011 9 comments
                I've been wanting to buy the same reminder bracelets of Bianca Gonzalez, and finally I have my own already! The first time I saw the bracelets, I said to myself that "Awww, Gusto ko talaga niyan! Bibili talaga ako niyan, Promise!". Anyway, I found out that they were sold at The Bead Shop, so I went to the only branch I know which is in SM North Edsa. I was really glad to finally see them! They are not really called Reminder bracelets rather it is called Leather ID Bracelets. I wanted to make a post about it, so that if anyone was wondering where could they buy them (I actually had a difficult time finding them on the internet), so I asked kuya if I could take some pictures. Here they are.

               Here are the ones that I've bought. I actually wanted that INSPIRE one (I really wanted to inspire other people, for me, it's the most rewarding thing ever!) on top, but I did not like the turquoise bead surrounding it, so I picked this red LOVE on brass plate. I also bought a thinner one, THINK on an aluminum plate and another which is a personalized one wherein I wanted my name to be on it. I chose LOVE and THINK because those two are the things that I believe makes us human beings and we should always remember it and do them at all times. This two, at times could also be contradicting or opposing in terms of using your heart or using your mind. I believe that it is always an important thing to think first before we act and part of it is that in every decision we make, is that love would always be our basis. I do not want to say "Always follow your heart!", because sometimes sacrifices should be made and it is a must to weigh the factors before you decide. But then, technically, the mind controls everything. This is really confusing already. haha! I don't know if I make sense, but that is the best explanation I could think of upon choosing the two. haha! 

They also have silicon ones! 

That's it! I hope this blog helped you!

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  • Anonymous said...

    Hi. How long did you have to wait to get the bracelet personalized? Also, any idea about the price per bracelet (the leather ID)? Thanks! They are lovely!

  • MoviesAndMyStories said...

    @Anonymous: i think it could be done for 2-3 working days but we got ours late... the personalized one costs us 345, (original band costs 295+50 for the personalized name-minimum of 8 letters) the thicker one costs 395 if i could remember it right. i prefer the aluminum plate since the brass one that i've got kind of faded (i don't know the term to be used but it's not that shiny anymore. haha!) sorry for the late reply.

    @jonrell: they are really nice. a bit pricey for me, but's nice!

  • Anonymous said...

    how much for not personalized leather ID? because we are having our graduation ball and im looking for a good souvenir can u give me just a minimum cost of this bracelet? this is very nice

  • Caroline Castro said...

    It's on the main building, ground floor/basement. I'm not sure exactly where in that floor, my best guess would be near National Bookstore (the smaller one), but you'll see it for sure.

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