Pockie Ninja Christmas

Thursday, December 22, 2011 4 comments
              My sister is addicted to this game called Pockie Ninja in Facebook, that yesterday she decided to join a contest wherein they should make a picture of the characters in a Christmas party scene and the prizes are some good stuff in the said game. She asked me if I have some Christmas stocks she could use to edit her picture and I told her that I have none, but then I remembered I have quite a few saved in a CD before so I lend her the CD and let her browse some but she did not like them, so she decided to just look up in the internet. At that time she was not really sure on how the contest goes, she does not know where to send them after so she's still in the process of looking for the other entries. When she found them, I then got a chance to look up some works of other participants and I was really eager to help her with the contest so I ended up doing the entry.

             I really had a great time editing it because the characters are so cute! Don't you agree? Anyway, looking for some stocks were the difficult part because not all stocks would match that of the characters. We got tired looking already so we just used the stocks we had found then. Still, it turned out cute even though I was not able to put some ideas like the scarf and reindeer head dress for the other characters. I was really happy with the result. I really loved the character holding the balloons and the Starbucks drink! So cute! My sister was not able to find other characters I'd like to call "gwapo", but I'm fine with it. It’s just that it would be nice to have them in this piece. 
          Anyway, my sister would not be the one uploading the entry since she is just using other's account to play the game, instead, her friend which is also her partner in the game (she mentioned that they should be in groups to go to the next level or something) would be the one joining which explains the server something on the picture. Just to share, my sister's character is the blue haired girl beside the Christmas tree holding the cookies and her friend is the one above the letters A and S with that tongue in his hand. (Yep he is a HE, at first, I thought he was a girl character because of the hair). Sorry, I am not really familiar with their names, I only know Naruto. 
Well, that's just it! I'd just like to share this. I hope they win!


  • Anonymous said...

    oline thankyou sa paggawa ne2ng entry..=)..i really appreciate it..anyway deidara nga pla ung name ng character q..ehehe..tapos Choji Akimichi ung name nung my hawak ng starbucks^^, ahaha..ang cute talga ng gawa moh..l8r malalaman nah natin ung result ng paghihirap moh..ehehe..=)

  • Catherine Castro said...

    oline... salamat sa pagedit... hahahaha... pag aq nagedit baka qng anung kalabasan.. hahaha... excited na q.. sana manalo gawa mo.... :)) sa uulitin.. :)) Konan name nung akin.. :)) laruin mu ung sa account natin.. haha..

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