Artwork and Milk Tea: Shirt Twin

Friday, December 23, 2011 3 comments

Thanks Donna for taking my pictures! :D
           I' m a big fan of Artwork since I discovered its existence, their shirt designs are just so cool and creative. I think it was last December 14, when we went looking for gifts, that I bought this really cool shirt in Artwork with a print that says "Let's Drink Milk Tea". I super love milk tea, Simple Line's, Moon Leaf's, D'Cream's, etc., that's why I bought this shirt even though I don't get why it has to be that man in the design.
            Anyway, I used this shirt the day of our class Christmas party and Paskuhan. During the Christmas party, my classmates, mostly the boys noticed it and really liked it as well not just because of the milk tea phrase but because of the baseball shirt style that it has. One of my RLEmates also told me that she was also planning to buy the same shirt, and it was some sort of a relief (not the right word to use)that she did not bought it because we'll be having the same shirt (which is kind of awkward at times), but if she does so, I think it would still be cool and we would take pictures of us and just make fun of it.

(c) my classmates AC girl and Donna, If I remember it right
       Fast forward to Paskuhan, I was with my classmates, we were taking pictures and all, and then the fireworks started and ended. Then out of nowhere, one of my classmates mentioned that I have the same shirt with the guy just behind us and the next thing I could remember was that we're already having our pictures taken together. Just imagine the embarrassment. After that, I was just relieved it was finally over. But no, it was not, notice the different backgrounds in the pictures? Yep, it happened again, after quite some time. My classmates saw him again and called him and some of them were teasing me "Carol, yung soulmate mo!". I'm really socially awkward so I really don't like things like that plus the teasing. Anyway, I was really not up to it anymore but the guy's friends would like to have a picture as well, and just to make my classmates stop, I still agreed but I could not smile that anymore because I really felt embarrassed. I would just like to say that once is enough, but twice? The teasing continued in facebook, just I thought it would, I even said "Kapag parehas ng shirt  soulmates na agad, hindi ba pwedeng mahilig lang muna sa milk tea". (I love Vice Ganda!) Gladly, they stopped already.

             The  end! I just think this is worth sharing, since it's not everyday that you got to have a picture with your shirt twin! haha! Just a realization, I should have a jacket with me, if I would like to wear this shirt again. And I think the guy bought a women size since the guy's has a wider, I don't know what it is called, that lining on the head opening. 

                 What a day, I had three shirt twins in one day! Just my luck?! 


  • Catherine Castro said...

    milk tea... eeww... hahahaha... soree aman di q tlga type... patikimin mo aq ng masarap... hahahaha... para magustuhan q din.. :))

    ang cute niu kaya... parang kau dun sa pic... akbay nlng ang kulang.. ayii..:)

  • Catherine Castro said...

    nata nlng gusto q.. hahahaha...
    d masarap ung pinatikim mu dati eh.. hehe..

    ah nakaakbay ba.. di halata... hehehe...

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