Velada Tomasina

Sunday, January 29, 2012 1 comments

VELADA TOMASINA is a living tableau that shows the University of Santo Tomas in the perspective of the cultural milieu of Old Manila at the turn of the 19th Century. 

 It features the reenactment of the La Naval Procession in Intramuros .

    This happened in University of Santo Tomas last January 25, 2012. That morning I went to different hospitals to have my PRC forms signed after which I went back to UST for this event. I actually was not supposed to participate in this activity because I did not brought anything to wear when I went back to Manila from Bulacan that Monday and I also don't have a camera to use since my sister will be using it. Luckily, my sister texted me that she would not be using it anymore and so I asked my  Dad to bring it to my dorm as well as a filipiniana I used back in High School.  I am thankful that my Daddy is willing to do errands like this. I was really excited about this event because things like this does not happen often, so it  is really  a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it's just great to say that I have been a part of this. I joined our section's class officers who were required to join the event. I really thought that you were not allowed in the Benavides Garden area, where they built some sort of recreational facade of the old UST and Sto Domingo Church in Intramuros, if you are not wearing your costume, so I thought that it would not make any sense going there in civilian, so I took an effort to wear a costume as well, but it was all worth it!

        I would just like to share some of the pictures during the event. I edited it to look more vintage, but the smiles just aren't fitting. Still, they are great memories that I will truly treasure. 

    It was really a great day, people greeting you in spanish, seeing people in their 19th century costumes and riding in Calesas plus the funny parts when you see them eating Mcdo, taking pictures with their cameras, using their phones and other 21st century things. 


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