The Awesome Mr.Ramon Orlina

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 0 comments

         I really wanted to blog about Quattromondial before, because we had the opportunity to meet the creator of it, the Father of Philippine Glass Sculpture, a Thomasian, Mr. Ramon Orlina, while me and my classmates were just hanging around the newly inaugurated piece back then . But, I did not have the time and then I eventually forgot about it. Now, with the time I have because of the vacation (This entry was supposed to be posted last Christmas vacation, but I was not able to finish it), I'd like to blog about our Ramon Orlina encounters since I recently (not anymore) had the chance to have my picture taken again with him during the Manila Auto Salon 2011. 

     Now, I'm going to share about our encounters with him. As I've said earlier we were just hanging around UST, I think it was a Sunday. It was my first time to go there during a Sunday just to hang out and not go to church, because I thought that it is not allowed, so I was really amazed by how it could be a nice place to spend your free time and then we just thought that maybe it's open that day for public because of the Quattromondial. Before, we could just see a tarpaulin covering it with the proposed design and it is just amazing in real sculpture. Going back, we were just sitting under the umbrellas of the quadricentennial park watching all the people have their pictures taken in the sculpture and then there were two men who sat near us, they began talking and then at some point we assumed that one of the guy was the one who created it and then eventually (I forgot the other details), he began to talk to us and told us that he is the one who did it and even showed us videos of some of the process and the picture of Piolo (something like that one). That time, the thought in my mind was "This man is so cool!" He let us have our pictures taken with him (So cool! Good thing, my classmate brought a camera). It was really memorable! 

             I was really star-struck by him from that day on! And so comes our next encounter, which was during the Manila Auto Salon 2011. It was my first time to go to a car show and it was a short noticed because my classmate who is fond of cars just mentioned and invited me on the day itself during our clinical duty. I was really excited but my classmates were late and so I was in my dorm doing nothing and decided to google the said event and then I found out that Mr. Ramon Orlina has a piece there where he made a Mondrian-inspired art on a 1988 Volvo 780 Bertone Limited Edition and some miniature pieces as well (The Orlina Atalyer Art Car Project was one of the highlights of the event). I actually did not thought that we would be able to see him there but I was really looking forward to seeing his work. I also found out through reading in the internet that he had been attending Manila Auto Salon for several years already together with his Beetle limousines. 

           At the event, it was actually my classmate who saw the car, and then when I looked around, I saw him already! I really wanted to have a picture taken with him, but I was really shy, good thing was that my classmate chased him (because he was about to receive an award: "Best Mural of the Show") and asked for a picture with him and so I took their picture. After which, my classmate asked me if I want a picture as well and so I said yes! Yey! 

That's my story!

He's so awesome indeed! Bow! Go Thomasians!


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