Get Together @ Gelatissimo!

Sunday, February 26, 2012 0 comments
    I Scream for Ice Cream! The weather lately just makes me crave for it! My favorite flavor is chocolate, definitely, on fruits I'd like strawberry and at times pistachio and mango. What's yours?

        I think ice cream are one of the greatest food inventions next to chocolates.  Okay, I know for others there is a thick line between a traditional ice cream and a gelato. As of now, I really don't mind what they are called, how they are made, just as long as they taste good! I'm actually more into the popsicles (All time favorite: Twin Popsies) because they are more icy rather than the dairy ones, but definitely both of them are just irresistible

             I'd like to share my first experience tasting the gelatos of Gelatissimo. One of my college friends introduced it to us. That day, I and three of my first year college close friends had our get together after almost three years. Two of them are still in the same college as mine but we rarely see each other actually, so we set this day as our date time. We were supposed to eat and watch a movie but after eating we just decided to go to a place where we could talk and so we end up staying here in Gelatissimo.

I super love the ambiance of the place. That is really a plus points for me whenever we eat or go somewhere, that the place looks good and feels good . I like that my eyes are enchanted with colors red and gold. They say that color red stimulates your appetite. They also have this creatively designed stacks of their cups at the side. I don't actually know what their theme is but I see a classic/royal carnival in some sort of way or maybe just because of the colors red and gold and the chandelier which I haven't included in these pictures. Btw, Gelatissimo is italian. Hmm,Delizioso!

                Also what I like about this place is that they actually let you taste the different flavors of their gelatos, which is really awesome because of the fact that you can taste it before buying it and not regret in the end that you chose the wrong flavor. They have many flavors to choose from. I am actually overwhelmed by them, so I tasted quite a few, mostly the chocolate ones and I love them all. I ended up choosing the Chocolate Liqueur and the Melon flavor, to sort of balance it, one chocolate-y and one fruity. My friends got Chili chocolate, which seems to be just a normal chocolate but after a few seconds, boom!, and the lime one which is also a great combo with a choco one. The second time I went here, I ordered what my classmate told me but was not available the first time, which is the Chocolate Truffle and I also had their Mango. It wasn't really the mango flavor I was looking for but still it's good, I super love the mango flavor of the Sorbetes or what we like to call the dirty ice cream, it's like eating a fresh frozen mango. Also one thing about ice creams is their cones, I prefer the wafer cones rather than the waffle ones. I love that it's crunchy and at the same time soft and chewy when soaked with ice cream already. So here I'd rather have it in a cup.

Aside from the great tasting gelatos, I really had fun that day since we really had caught up with one another on different stories and experiences we had that we weren't able to share yet. Here is a picture of my good friends! 

 What's your favorite gelato?


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