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Sunday, February 26, 2012 4 comments
        I've been wanting to go here since I saw the SCH blog of TheCreativeDork (Super big fan of him). I'm actually more excited  with the place and interior rather than the food they would serve (not really a big fan of coffee houses just like for example Starbucks, I don't know why) so I told my friend/classmate who is also a food lover and blogger to try this coffee house, but sadly we don't know how to go there, until one day one of my classmates told her again about it and said that it's just easy to go there and so we set the date during our long weekend break. 

             While in the place, I noticed that the interior design was changed, because I've seen so many pictures of it already, I was even looking for some particular things like chairs and mini figurines.  There were no customers yet when we went there so I had the chance to take pictures of the place. What I really like about the place is that it feels home-y and cozy. It seems to be a collector's item shop/cafe because of so many things, cute, retro, adorable things to see, not the usual same table and chairs. I'm not a fan of K-Pop (The place is Seoul inspired) but I don't really mind just as long as it's creatively put into place.  My favorite spot is the one with the lamp and sign I ♥ Subspace Coffee plus the astronaut on the moon wall background. Too bad I was not able to have my picture taken there because there was a customer already when I wanted to, wrong move! That's a picture of the spot and my food blogger friend. Follow her food blog @ . 

             Also one of the coolest things here is the ceiling design, see (1st set of pics) the second picture on the second row. They are a bunch of chairs held together by plastic cable wires. I don't know the real idea behind it I just thought that maybe a gang of aliens went to the place and did not like the interior, especially the chairs and so they tied them up together to throw away in some place but darn!,they forgot that it would not fit in the doors so they just decided to place it in the ceiling. After which they have replaced them with a great deal of cool, funky and comfy chairs! and poof it became Subspace Coffee house. Voila! HAHA! The owner of SCH also has a furniture store nearby called the Space Encounters where they sell cool chairs and other stuff as well.  I wished we'd go there as well.  

      Here's a picture of me and my classmate, I love the colors of those pictures. It was really sunny at that time so some of the pictures I took were hazy against the sunlight. I was looking at some of the cute stuff they're selling, but they were too expensive for me. 

            So now I go to food, I ordered one of a few blogger's favorite which is the Peanut Butter Latte because I'm not ready to taste the Purple Potato Latte yet and I love peanut butter. Also I partnered it with Banoffee Bliss since I'm a big fan of Banoffee  pie of Banapple. I liked the PBL at first couple of sips but eventually there are these bits of peanut butter that put it into a disadvantage, for me. The Banoffee Bliss was just okay, the cream has a bit sour taste. I still go for Banapple's, while my classmates said the Starbucks' better. I haven't tasted that yet.  My classmates ordered Coffee Jelly, Choco Donut, Tuna Wasabi sandwich and the one with corned beef but I was not able to taste them. What I tasted is the Purple Potato Latte my other classmate ordered, after which I said that I made the right choice of not ordering it since I did not like it, but my classmate did. Next time, I want to try their cakes. 

Well, that's about it! 


  • Ers said...

    I'm one coffee addict and sometimes visits coffee houses when I get the chance.

    This one you wrote about tapped my interest. You're right! Their interior design looks amazing and it seems the type of place I would like to hang out in whenever I get bored.

    very nice.

  • caroline robin castro said...

    Hi Erwin! Thanks for the comment!

    I have to say too that in the past 2 months, I have been this coffee addict that I wasn't before, because I would now go to a coffee place to study for our upcoming board exams. And it was not really very helpful with my ulcer problem. Anyway, i hope you get the chance to visit the place (haha! as if it was mine). it's really a nice place, maybe to read or write something, I see in your blog that you love literature, I hope I have the time to read them all.

    Again, thanks for the comment!

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