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Monday, August 20, 2012 1 comments
     After a week, our internet connection is finally back! And it was really because of the thunder or technically was it the lightning? A deep case of high frequency waves that I don't get. Hah! 

     Anyway, It made me realize how much I depended on the internet so much, since when I think of something I would immediately try to search it on the internet to gain some insights and such. It was really frustrating that I don't have any other resource to suffice my need for information. And it has been my every day thing to check up on my blogs and social networks, so it was a bit  difficult for me to be detached from something that I am used to. 

      For the past week I did a lot of sleeping and I have been watching the television mostly. So the first I searched after hearing that the internet is back is all the questions I have regarding the shows I have been watching.

Just some thoughts: foreign TV series aired in the Philippines are not always up-to-date, other channels would even air it even the series was already cut! Imagine getting hooked with it and then suddenly there was no ending. Err! 

So here are some of my questions. 

1. How many episodes per season does Sherlock has?
     - 3 episodes per season only. Will write a new entry for this series.

2. What movie is the dancer in Mobbed from? 
     - The dancer I'm pertaining to is Rachele Brooke Smith. Finding her was quite difficult since I forgot her name already. But because of, I found her! She starred in Center Stage: Turn It Up as Kate Parker. She looks like Idina Menzel (lower half of her face) and Selena Gomez (upper half) put together.

3. Is Katy Perry related to Amanda Rockman of Top Chef: Just Desserts 2?
     - I asked because they seem look a like, but they are not actually related, so No! My sister even said that she doesn't look like her that much. Anyway, Here are their pictures, she really does have quite the resemblance of Katy, at first glance. Anyway, Zooey Deschanel still is the top look a like. But there was a funny (not really that funny!) thing that I saw. Amanda Rockman's hometown is on Katy, Texas. What a coincidence?!

4. Who won Face Off? 
     - Conor McCullagh won, and there is actually a second season winner already and a third season had just premiered this August. In the Philippines we know that Face Off is a tv reality talk show where people with conflicts are interviewed (sometimes they even fight!) and eventually conclude at the end, this is a different one.

       Face off is an american reality tv game show where prosthetic makeup artists compete against each other with all their artistic talents and techniques in creating prosthesis such as those found in horror and science fiction films. What they do in this show is truly amazing! I wish I am that talented!


This is it! Watch them as well! You won't regret it!



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