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Tuesday, August 21, 2012 0 comments
  Getting bored on how your blogger looks? Dynamic View is the answer!   With its seven ways perspective, your blog will be fantastic! Here is my Dynamic story.

     I got inspired to change the banner of my blog after seeing that of my classmate's blog. And so I tried to look for some .psd files that I could use (There are a lot of free stuff in the internet, just try to search). But I'm still waiting for the approval of the owner of the files if I could use them this way and I hope there's nothing wrong.

These are the sites where I got the files that I used: (film reel, clapboard) (director's chair, parchment), (popcorn)

      Going on, while tweaking my template designs, I decided to use the Dynamic view but then there were quite a few things that don't work unlike when using those other templates, just like having a banner, the ads, linkwithin, some gadgets and other things. But still I did and this was my first attempt, changing the background which somehow fitted the small portion on top for the blog title and could be some sort of a small banner (Doesn't look good on mobile though). 

       And then, I forgot what happened but I was starting to think about changing it again and as I browse the web I came upon this really cool blog tutorials on the use of dynamic views on blogger. It was a heaven sent! This is his blog He has many tutorials regarding use of CSS in the dynamic view, like putting a banner, making content background transparent, changing header link to pictures, re-positioning gadget dock from right to left and many other more. His site is very helpful to those who want to personalize their blog while using the dynamic view. (The changes can't be seen on mobile, though)

Here is the final result, in two perspectives, I'm so happy with it.  How do you find it?

Magazine View
Sidebar VIew


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