Movie of the Day #2 : Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Cast: Jim Carrey (Joel), Kate Winslet (Clementine), Elijah Wood (Patrick), Kirsten Dunst (Mary), Mark Ruffalo (Stan), Tom Wilkinson (Dr.Mierzwiak)

Genre: Romance, Drama, Science Fiction (bits of Comedy)

The Story: is about two opposite people finding love, losing it and finding it again in each other in an unexpected way. Its tagline is perfect- "You can erase someone from your mind, but getting them out of your heart is another story"What will you do if suddenly, you have a note saying that this person erased you in his or her memory? Would you want to erase that person as well? Joel thought of that but soon realizes that he never wanted to lose Clem and so he did everything he could to not make it happen-again.


Why I love it and why will you? 
      What really got me in this movie, is the title itself, how cool is that title? Don't you agree? After which is Jim Carrey, who I super adore. I haven't got any idea on what's the movie about when I saw this one years ago, so basically it bored me on the first few scenes, got me confused in some, but then as I begin to somehow understand it, just wow, it blew me away that I can't wait for the next scenes to come and get to the ending. You'll love the mise-en-scene (learned a new word!) of this film, very creative, it would amaze and surprise you. Also, the story is very original and imaginative, that would make you think if sometime soon it would really be possible (if it is, just please choose the patients that would greatly benefit and not those abusers who just have petty reasons to do so). This is a picture of the note, Joel received, not a golden ticket.

      This movie is actually a great watch for couples, may it be the newly ones, those that have long strong relationships and those that are struggling and maybe as well as those that was already made broken. But I am not in that kind of relationship but I totally dig it, getting all emotionally affected. It would make you realize that really at some point in your life with your partner, you'd get bored and find reasons not to like the other, but that is not the point. With all those things, we have to still make it work and accept every possibility of having such things happening and keep in mind not only those bad things but as well as the great things you have shared with them. It's great how the movie makes us realize these things in a way and up to the point that you are actually losing that someone already, gradually. It's really a touching movie and I believe that they are truly destined for each other, and with what Joel did, that is making destiny in its right course. 

Tip on watching: Remember Clementine's hair! It's the cues on the sequence of events. 

My Favorite Scenes:
     My favorite scenes are: I have three again. First is when Clem thought of the idea of going in another memory where she does not belong, to sort of hide for her not to be erased. Joel thought of a childhood memory where he was enjoying the rain, he began singing "row row row your boat..." and it began raining in the apartment. Surreal moment. 

       Second, In the Charles River. The present one when they talked about constellations and that in the memory when Joel said.

I could just die right now, Clem. 
I'm just so happy. 
I've never felt that before.
I'm just exactly where I wanna be. 

I want to be where he is that moment! 
Feel what he feels!

     Lastly, the finale scene, where they received the tape records of why did they wanted that person to be erased. It included all the bad things they thought of the other. Joel heard Clem's and Clem heard Joel's, but still at the end they chose to work things out. Gosh for a moment I thought they'll not be back together. Hearing such things will really hurt you, but  when you realize that losing the one you love could hurt even more, it would make a difference in your relationship. It's just in some or most relationship, like what have portrayed in the story, they've realized it so late to a point of nothing could be done anymore. But never underestimate the power of second chances. I'm just so happy for Clem and Joel. 

The End



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