Movie of the Day #5 : To Kill a Mockingbird

Monday, October 29, 2012 3 comments

To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

Cast: Gregory Peck as Atticus Flinch, Mary Badham as Scout, Philip Alford as Jem, Brock Peters as Tom Robinson

Genre: Suspense, Crime, Mystery, Drama

The Story: revolves around the neighborhood of the Flinch. The horrifying adventures of Scout and Jem, the court scene action and drama of their father lawyer, Atticus and how we defends and protects a black man in one of his cases. 


Why I love it and why will you? 
    I did not love this just because it's a classic, but because it really has a great story to tell, tackling issues of good and evil, of abuse, justice, racial discrimination and inequality during the 1930s. I loved how I would anticipate what's going to happen next, how I would cover my eyes on suspense scenes (it has a ghostly sub theme to it), which I really find scary specially with the anxious and frightened looks of the Jem and Scout only to find out that it was not all true, but I am one of those who got scared when Scout said "Well there he is Mr.Tate" looking at Boo Radley. Scout was really calm saying it and I did not notice him behind the door the first time I saw the movie.

    Also, who would not love Atticus (Gregory Peck)? He's very calm, knowledgeable, compassionate, I love watching him, plus the fact that he Gregory Peck still looks good even with his age (I first liked him in Spellbound). Jem and Scout's adventures, looking for Boo, fighting with other kids, being somewhere they're not suppose to, were amusing to watch as well (I was never that kind of kid when I was young, and at times I kind of regret why I was not, though not the fighting part). I love Scout's innocence and truthfulness. 

    The Ending, I'm quite unsure of the conclusion. Yes, I'm fine with not blaming Boo because he just helped the kids. But,though their point is right, they should at least have gone the right way to deal with it. But then again what's the point of harming someone who hasn't harmed you in any way, all the more had protected you, unknowingly. 

    I know that Harper Lee's book is one of the best written novels of all time, but since I am not much of a book reader I decided to watch the movie (got to watch the 1997 version), but watching it made me just want to read the book, just like what Phantom of the Opera did to me. 

My Favorite Scenes:

       The mockingbird talk at the table. I've always wondered why "To Kill a Mockingbird" and finally I understood. 

      The courtroom scene which would really get your attention (the way Atticus would prove a point and such) especially upon hearing the side of Tom and Mayella's side. This also includes Atticus' very moving speech by the end, which unfortunately had not gone into the hearts and minds of the jury.

     And finally, the ending (I still love this scenes though I've said that I'm quite unsure of the conclusion), when they found out who helped Jem, concluded on what had happened up to the voiced over realizations of Scout. And even though Mr. Arthur did not said anything, I find him very affecting. 

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  • Caroline Castro said...

    You should really watch it! Other people, who have read the book as well, would say that even though you've read the book, you'll still enjoy the movie, but still there are differences.

  • Friendship SMS said...

    This book is so simple,so lucid yet it touches your heart. Harper Lee won a Pulitzer for this one and she deserves it!!
    This book is set in early nineties in a small town in Mississippi. The protagonist is a small girl who leans about life. Scout is a small girl, who along with her brother Jem see the evil of racism. Their father , Atticus is a lawyer who defends an innocent black man. In the end the evil of racism sees the poor man being punished. Yet we see how the incident affects Scout and Jem and how Atticus teaches the entire world a lesson.

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