Baguio for a Day

Friday, November 2, 2012 2 comments
     Last Monday, we went in Baguio to visit my brother. We departed our place around 3am and arrived there by around 6am. It was really a fast drive now with SCTex (though I was asleep almost the whole time) compared to the first time we went there maybe ten years ago. The day went really fast that we really hoped we could stay much longer, especially my brother's kids who missed him so much. 

   This is the entire day. First to the Baguio Cathedral to pray and meet my brother, ate breakfast, onward to Strawberry farm and Mines View Park, took lunch, afterwards, went boating in Burnham Park, visited SM Baguio, bid our goodbyes and then went back home already. 

Here are some of our pictures.

 At Mines View Park with the huge St. Bernard dog. 

       There were four St. Bernards to have your picture taken with. This was the best dog, having the classic look of a St. Bernard, with a keg or small barrel on its neck. (Legend says that the barrel is for liquor, so whenever there will be an unconscious person because of hypothermia due to the cold weather, they'll have him drink it). This was at the top most of the park and the most expensive since as you go down the park, they'll be cheaper, from 40 to 20 to 10 pesos and we have pictures with every single one of them since my nieces and nephew loved the dogs so much. 

The park was very crowded already, though not really obvious in the pictures.
And the view was not like before since there are plenty of houses already.

Picture taking with the pink-haired horse. 
"Bet na bet ng pamangkin ko dahil pink!"

My niece with a rented binoculars.
In her background are people having their souvenir picture taken with an Igorot costume. 

At Burnham park. Took a while before I could get the hang of rowing. 
Domo bags dating! 

Bought some strawberries. They were a bit sour. 

Tried the Strawberry ice cream and taho.
The taho vendor was saying "Strawberry taho, pang-instagram!"
I liked the ice cream.

Walked across the strawberry farm. Not much strawberries to see. 
The taho vendor mentioned that we should go back by December, during the harvest.

That's it!

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