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Sunday, November 4, 2012 7 comments
         It's been almost ten months since I started wearing glasses (I'm nearsighted). It's been my childhood dream, rather want to wear glasses. I'd always generalize people wearing glasses as intelligent people, but I realized (I don't want this to sound harsh) other people just really have eye problems. I've always envied those who wear them and I would sometimes wear my parents' pairs. But like many of the others who started wearing one, I too didn't enjoy wearing them as much as I liked to wear it as a child. 

       Though wearing one has really been helpful, since I would already squint most of the time during lectures and outdoors,  it's also bit uncomfortable to wear in the beginning that I would get headaches plus many other difficulties (maybe this is just me) like viewing through the eyepiece of a camera, having mist over the lenses in change of temperature, watching a 3D film with the required glasses, and jogging. It actually made me think to try contact lenses.  Also, glasses are quite expensive (see below some tips on how to take are of them), so what I would do is to buy a cheaper frame (I bought my first two in Quiapo where optical shops are at large) and invest more on a multi-coated lens for it. 

       This is my first ever glasses. I chose this because of its color, black on the outside pink on the inside. The screw looses easily making it hard to wear during duty days, so I decided to buy a new one, but I would still use this one especially on ordinary days. Thick plastic frames, like this one, when worn for a long time, could really hurt your ears because of the pressure, so I do prefer a thinner/smaller plastic frames or metal ones. 

Quite a few pictures I have wearing this one. I could only find these ones, the day we went at Subspace Coffee House

      My second glasses, I really liked this one because it's very chic and blends well with our white nursing uniform, but other people would think differently. One of my titas even mentioned that this was not a right fit for me saying that lower part of my glasses should not cover my cheeks. I began to realize it especially now that I have gained some weight and my face had become round as ever.

      The last one that I bought was this, for a more semi-professional clean look. I thought of buying another one since I would be going to interviews and such that would require me to wear something sleekly business attire sort of. 

If I would buy another one in the future, my eye would be on something like the Ray Ban's Clubmaster glasses if it fits well though, since it's kind of the same as my second one only with a plastic frame in the upper rim. 


   To end, here are some tips on how to take care of your glasses (as I understood it), according to the optometrist in the optical shop where I bought one of my glasses. (I forget to follow these at times. haha!)

1. Clean your lenses using a soft cloth (usually comes with the glasses) in a one stroke manner and not the usual back and forth wiping that we do. When the lenses have mist, don't wipe it eagerly, wait for it to be gone.

2. When putting down your glasses on a table have it inverted so that the temples are touching the table, unlike that of the picture of the Ray-ban for that might cause its breakage when unnoticed. 

3. Hold your glasses with two hands on the temples/arm (not in the rim), when wearing and removing it. And don't wear it above your head. 

4. Keep your glasses in case when not in use. 

5. Clean your glasses every month with mild soap and water. 

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  • AkiRa'5 cORneR said...

    alam mo gustong gusto ko rin magsuot ng salamin nung bata bata pa ako,

    tipong ang lapit ko sa tv pag nanunuod ako para lumabo mata ko...

    pero ngayun conscious na ako sa vision ko...haha

  • Caroline Castro said...

    @romano: I believe, that's partly true, it still depends on the perspective of the person. Aww, I'm sorry that you have to experience that, it's really unacceptable particularly the bullying, but just think of it as their rude way to say that they are just intimidated that you are more intelligent, (judging the way they treat you). :)))

  • Golda Kristy Tabid-Grospe said...

    It's funny because when I was a kid, it's my dream too and unfortunately, the dream came true when I was in Grade 2. I said "unfortunately" because I soon realized that wearing glasses can be such a hassle (well, for me LOL). Now, I'm best friends with contact lens haha.:)

    By the way, I'm inviting you to join my Christmas giveaway promo. Thanks! --

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