Movie of the Day #6: Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 4 comments
Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay (2011)

Cast: Lilia Cuntapay as herself, Geraldine Villamil as Myra.

Genre: Mockumentary, Comedy, Drama

The Story: is about Lilia Cuntapay, a famous-in-face, 75 year old, actress known to portray roles of ghosts/witches/ghouls and one of the most known extras/bit players in the Philippine movie industry. It follows her everyday agenda, happy and bittersweet moments, from the time she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress in the 16th AFTAP Silver Screen Awards, up to the awarding ceremony itself.


Why I love it and why will you? 
    I admit that I only knew her name the moment I saw the poster of this movie. I also regard her as the "ghost in many filipino horror films", but because of it I was dragged into a spirit of admiration for her that I was really looking forward to watch the film. And now, I will always remember her name, not just her appearance and roles.

     Not surprising, the film had plenty of humor in it, but not the usual green humor and pick-up lines.  What struck me most is the drama in it. If you could just see me wiping my tears with my unclothed cardigan-used-as-handkerchief. I started to feel sad the moment she was replaced during a shoot after waiting for so long, then the TV Patrol scene came which is such a sad devastating scene for her, and finally Rio Locsin. Those scenes were heartbreaking.  The story is very interesting, unique and original, that I have never really seen scenes like those nor even imagine that they were really done in real life. It really seems real for me that it looks like the story is made especially for her, she fits the role perfectly.

    But let me also share something, when we watched the movie yesterday, my idea of it was a sort of documentary of the life of Lilia, that would somehow put in screenplay artistically in the pattern of the Six degrees of Kevin Bacon (It did though, partly). Never did I know that it is a mockumentary, wherein fictional events are presented in a documentary format meaning AFTAP never really existed. Now I'm unsure of what's real from what's not. When I learned about that, I felt quite uncertain about it. Did I love it because I was deceived by my ignorance and false impression of the film? I don't know.  It’s just that it's not typical for me to realize that what I thought as a "Based on a true story" is really not a real one, for most of the time I get awe that a real good film story is actually based on true events. Now I'm saying, that's why it was Written and Directed by Antoinette Jadaone (Kudos to her and all the staff!), why the microphone used in the TV Patrol interview was of poor quality, why we never heard of any of the films nominated in the said awards (I actually thought that maybe because they're indie films, why some scenes where at some point ridiculous but really funny and touching in a way), why the nominees in the newspaper (noticed in the trailer) were different from those who were in the movie.

    But even so, it wouldn't be that realistic if it wasn't for Ms. Lilia's acting , for she actually affected me so much, now realizing that it was all just an act, makes her more effective (and maybe because she had a deeper connection to the role considering what she had been through in real life - may huhugatan ng emosyon!). She may be typecasted from her previous roles, but now I would always remember her as the funny, sensitive and loving lady that I saw in the movie.  I'm also, very happy for Ms. Lilia Cuntapay, since this movie had been the biggest break of her life (so far), and she truly deserves to be recognized not just as a ghoul-looking actress but as Lilia Cuntapay herself, with her passion towards the movie industry, where rightfully she had made an imprint in. Plus she also won Best Actress in the Cinema One Originals, where this film is actually an entry in and won a whole lot of awards.

    I envied those who met her in person already, my friend said that she was really like that in the movie, very real and down to earth. I'd love to meet her as well and get an autographed photo of her. 

My Favorite Scenes:
All the funny moments with Myra and her neighbors,
TV Patrol scene,
Ending-AFTAP Awarding.
Basically all! 


Funny meme posts in their facebook page, with some of the memorable lines in the movie. 

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