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Wednesday, November 7, 2012 0 comments
        As you have noticed, I've changed again my blog layout. From Dynamic View to a black and blue layout with a slider to a more minimalist style. I still chose one with a slider because I really find it chic. I did like my last layout but as time (not really that long) flies, I got bored with it and realized that it's a bit crowded looking and that certain things are missing. I don't do my own layout, though I wish I could, I just utilize whatever I can see in the web and follow some tutorials. 

Here is my current layout "SUPER CLEAN" from templatesparanovoblogger
See her blog for more of her layouts! Just translate her page to your language.

My previous layout, "TARNISHED" by soratemplates
Check their blog for more templates

     The two websites offers free templates for bloggers. For bloggers like me, who are not really that familiar with HTML, CSS and other codes (I know just a little from high school computer classes or was it in elementary?), websites like these are heaven sent, because with them we are able to somehow personalize our blogs in a theme that we like, though at times you may come across a blog using the same theme, still it's free and fresh looking. 

So,that's it! 
 How does my blog look?!

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