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     A few days back, Golda Kristy Tabid-Grospe or  Goldabidz (as she would like to be called)  for short, awarded me with the Laine Blogger Award for… I don't really know what it is for but I'd like to think this award is for the blogs that you like. This is my first ever blog award! Yey! So I'm really thankful to Goldabidz for giving me the award and for appreciating my blog. Thanks again Golda, this really meant so much to me! 

By the way, check out Golda's personal blog, the lifebeyondpinkstripes 
to know more about this lovely and friendly lady.

     At first I was  quite hesitant to accept it because I don't really know what the award is for, I mean it's somehow unclear to me, so I searched it up but the only thing I could find are those posts of the awardees as well. One thing that I assumed  is  that it's for beauty bloggers per se because I saw a post with 5 questions in it related to beauty/fashion bloggers. But still just like Golda said, why not still  share it around even to those non beauty bloggers since there are actually no rules  prohibiting it.

Here's the rules according to Golda not including the 5 questions:
1. Link back to the blogger who awarded you. - done!
2. Blog about the award. - done!
3. Give the award to 5 other bloggers and let them know.

So now, let me award the Laine Blogger Award to these 5 lovely ladies.

I love her personal blog! She reviews movies and books and she also has inspirational posts!
I personally feel that we somehow share the same interests
 (Except the reading part since I enjoy watching more, hihi!) 
Visit her blog!

Donna of dabombacious
She just recently started her blog. 
Her blog is about many different things as well, from photography (You'll definitely love the photos on her blog!), travel experiences, reviews on tv series. 
Visit her blog!

Bianca of bianca talks
She mostly shares her travel experiences around the country and in the future out of the country as well. She also posts entries on DIY activities, theater experiences and such. 
Definitely a travel blogger to follow!

Eunice of the young foodie
Obviously she's a food blogger, I've already mentioned her in my previous post. 
She likes to share her experiences and reviews on the different food/restaurants mostly in the metro. You'll go hungry browsing through her posts. Visit her blog! 

Christina of chasing runways
A fashionista and fashion blogger whom I promised a post but I haven't done yet 
(sorry for that! But may I start now).

     I always admired how she express herself through what she wears and how she looks-effortless! In terms of fashion and style, my (and maybe your) extraordinary is just her ordinary and I meant that in compliment! I'm really a big fan of her! I'd always say that she would always be over the top with what she wears, but despite that she wouldn't make you feel lowly of her because her personality really is sweet and lovable. She's truly a sweetheart! I know that there will come a time that people in various places of our world would notice and admire her, given the right opportunity.

Follow her blog, check out her outfit posts and stories! 
This is not the ordinary fashion blog!
You definitely would love it and her!

Here are the 5 question just in case your into answering it, which I also would answer even though I'm not a beauty blogger! haha! :)

1. What is your current beauty obsession?

        Not really obsession, I should say. I'm not really into make-up and stuff, or not yet. I'm basically a moisturizer-beauty balm-powder- lip balm type, nothing much.

2. What is the ONE item you wish you own?

     On beauty products, Smashbox camera ready BB cream. (I did searched for this one! haha), if not, then a tablet pc would do! 

3. What is your favourite topic to read about?

     I'm into a lot of things, but definitely art, I'm into photography, digital and traditional arts, movie and theater reviews, even fashion stuff, because its art in itself.

4. What inspired you to become a blogger?

     I'm not actually sure, I started from blogging the time friendster still existed. I think I started blogging because I wanted to share my different experiences and feelings, and put into written words those that I cannot express through tongue. 

5. What nail polish are you wearing now?

      It's a glittery silver one. Just on my left hand because I got lazy finishing the other one.

And leave a comment below!


  • chachucho said...

    haha! me first on the line..Thank you mucho caroline. weeeeeee, I love reading a lot of books that turned into movies. haha! but i love watching movies so much though I can't review them all on my blog since i don't have enough time to write them, i'm lazy haha! Anyway, thanks for this again :D

    Do I have to answer the questions up there? hehe

  • Caroline Castro said...

    @Cherry, Hello! Thanks! Congratulations too! I know! I love your blog too! I believe, you were the one who awarded Golda.

    @chacha Haha, that's my problem too, I really wanted to blog all the movies I've watched, but I get lazy most of the time,haha! You're welcome and you deserve it! Good job on your blog! I really love it! :)

    Not really, if you're just up for it. The one who awarded me actually did not because it was not on the rules, I got it from other laine blogger award posts. I don't know what happen why others don't have the questions.

  • eunice said...

    Hi Carol!
    Thanks for the award. It's so sweet of you to include me in your list. :)

    You have a very good blog. Keep it up and Good luck with everything ahead of you! I miss you :D

  • Bianca Capiral said...

    Hello Carol!!! Thank you for the award! :3 I'm honored to be included in your list! I'm blushing! :')
    You are very gifted when it comes to writing, I hope I can be as good as you! :) You have a very good blog and I always read your posts! See you on our trip to Ilocos! I'm uber excited! More power and God Bless! :)

  • Christina said...

    Carol! (on my speaking voice. Haha!) Can I cry now? I'm teary eyed already. :) I really appreciate this award you are giving me. Thank you so much for the insights you've given on me and my blog. And of course for having me on your list! :) Things like this and people like you keeps me going and makes me want to do more about my blog. I'm beyond thankful for this award (feels like an Oscars! HAHA!) and most especially to a friend like you. :)
    I've also been reading your blog and you're really good at it! You are really talented! That girl who awarded you with the award first was definitely right giving it to you! :) Much love Carol! God bless! :)

  • Caroline Castro said...

    @bia. You're welcome! You deserve it! I really love reading your posts (just too lazy to comment at times) and I feel really lucky that I know someone (personally) who is a travel blogger! :)

    Aww, thank you so much! You are really good too! We're both good! haha . Aww, thanks again! I'm looking forward to our trip! More power and God bless as well :)

  • Caroline Castro said...

    @tina. Aww miss ko na yun! I meant to do that! Kidding! It was nothing and I know you'll really appreciate this simple thing. Aww, remember I'm always here to support you! I always tell you naman how big of a fan I am. :))) I'm really blessed to have you as a friend :)

    Awww thank you! Love and hugs too, Tina! God bless!

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