Flash/ E-Hard Drive and Laptop problems SOLVED!

Sunday, September 4, 2011 0 comments
         My blog is getting wider and wider on scope. Really have to think of a new blog name. Anyway I'd like to share how I'm happy that today my laptop has been upgraded! yey! If you've read my previous post regarding my di puk-pok na laptop, this is still what I'm talking about here! So here's the  story, I was using my laptop in our living room (editing some stuff) and my brother asked me if my laptop was slow, and I immediately said yes especially after windows 7 was installed. So he went to his room and came back with a small box, he said that he has a spare RAM, and I was like , isn't RAM in laptops built-in? and he said no, he thought so too! err! I should have known that earlier! so he checked my laptop if it is compatible and luckily it was! whoohoo! I'm finally enjoying this laptop, even if it is so old already, no hassle and burdensome photoshop experiences anymore! I was really thankful to my brother! 

          For the Flash/E-hard drive problem. This happened last week. I began to notice that some of my files wasn't showing up in the drives. Before, what I would do is just use the Hidden Files Toggle and magically it would appear already, but this was a different thing and I really don't know where to find the HFT in Windows 7 so I searched for it, but again it did not work. Some say that maybe there's a virus, and there really was, so I scanned and quarantined the virus, but still it would not appear. And the virus remained! err! I then searched again on the internet and came upon this program called USB Show. And that was all it takes! Problem solved! hidden files were already shown! it was like magic! haha! Hope this helps!

Download it here USB show


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