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Sunday, September 4, 2011 0 comments
                 Been so busy last August. I really wanted to update my blog with everything that's happening but I did not have the time to do so. Now, there are still a lot of things to do, but a few entries could slip in. For this entry I would just like to share our Rizal project. We were tasked to make two videos, one of which  is a documentary and the other is a music video, both of which should have the theme of Rizal: A Man for others. 

      Here are some of our pictures. The shooting of the project per se was both fun and really exhausting because we really did not have enough time to do the shoot since our schedule is really tight. So we did it during our free day like on a Sunday and luckily when there are suspension of classes and after classes and duty usually. 

     There are also a lot of things I experienced during our shooting days, mostly were first times. For example, walked in an underpass,  took a boat ride in Marikina river, commuted from here to there, and mostly shoot in different places- a precinct- a real one, in Intramuros (which is not allowed by the way, you have to get permission first, said the guard), San Lazaro hospital, MOA Seaside (We met a group of people having a debut photoshoot and they asked for permission if they could use our classmates on guardya sibil costumes and rizal of course, we agreed and then they let us come with them at the seaside to shoot, since I think it is also not allowed), UP (at the sunken garden, where I was really hoping to see familiar faces but there was none).  

               This is the one I edited, our documentary, which is entitled "Bakit Ka Gumigising sa Umaga?". I really wish that I had enough time to edit this. Too many flaws. Catharsis moment: I did not really enjoyed editing this video, I was bombarded with hate and annoyance while editing this because of reasons I would not want to say here. I'm just thankful it's over now.

            Anyway, I still would like to share this because of the message which was written by my very intelligent classmate.  Watch it and feel free to post your comments! or Comment on what makes you wake up in the morning! Have a great week!



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