How I won my Sony Vaio E Laptop on Twitter!

Saturday, December 29, 2012 8 comments

     The day came when I finally decided to make my twitter account (One of the best decisions I've made, Follow me!), and it was last December 20, because of Ms. Laureen Uy's giveaway promo which includes winning a brand new Sony Nex F3 and a Sony Vaio. Well, as much as I love to have the compact SLR, I'm much in need of a new laptop. 

Warning: This post will be long and will contain a lot of pictures because the experiences I'm going to share doesn't come too often, so I had to blog about it as detailed as possible. 

    First, a brief of something about me: I didn't learn the habit of making my parents or anyone else buy me things that I want, or ask for gifts whenever there is an occasion- birthdays or Christmas (so hindi ako sanay mamasko), just when there is something in necessity that I voice out whatever need that maybe. And so making them buy me a new laptop was out of the context. I don't know If I have mentioned this already about our (my sister) strategy (sounds deceiving but it's really not our intention, it's just what we do) in buying something really expensive, which is to save money enough to pay for half of it and just pay to rest later from our allowance. More often than not they will decide just to buy us the thing that we were saving for or pay the rest. Well, that's in the past, now, we should already prioritize finding a job to cater to our needs and wants, our mother's already bringing up about how we should be the ones to buy the Christmas gifts to our relatives already.  

    Back to "I'm much in need of a new laptop". I really wanted a new laptop for my self because my ever reliable di-puk-pok laptop is  slowly disintegrating as well. It has layers of tape, clips, pins and many other things, just to make sure that the screen stands still and remains attached to its body. To make you visualize it more, imagine a Sony Vaio Duo, that's the future of my laptop if without the mentioned highly improvised accessories. Not that helpful yet, just see it for yourself. 

Without the highly improvised accessories
The reason for the "Please Do Not Close" sign
    Sad isn't it? But despite that, I'm really very proud of how this laptop had stand the test of time. This was my mother's laptop for many years already when she lend it to me in my first year in college (I graduated already). Regardless of the hassle when in comes to moving/transporting this laptop, this is still working 100%, it just need a little tap or blow every now and then. Hihi. 

     Anyway, I didn't win in the said promo above, actually it's still on going, I encourage you to join and try your luck. My new Sony Vaio E is from @ramonbautista's  #RamonBautistaPaVaioSaPasko. I saw the tweet as I explore the realm of twitter as I am yet a newbie, but I wasn't fully encouraged to join since I couldn't find the full mechanics of it, just this tweet and the criteria. 

     Then 22nd came, early in the morning, just after we arrived at home from Paskuhan, the thought of it came in my head and so  I weighed things if I would join or not, thinking I may not be able to finish it in time for the deadline (which is unmentioned until the last day). As we are about to leave (we were staying in another place for the Simbang Gabi period), it was then that I decided to join the contest and it was a fast decision, I said to myself "Sige gagawa na ako!" and then I started gathering things that I could use for making a card, I actually have a lot of scrapbook materials, but it would take me a long time to find them in wherever storage they are, so my last resort was the bundle of colored papers that my daddy bought for my niece. 

   I was planning to make a pop-up card, but then I realized it was very elaborate and would take time to make since I barely do it. And so I just decided to make a 3D one, and just make sure that my message would fit the criteria, especially the Kurot sa Puso criterion, since I noticed that Sir Ramon just favored those who have entries that has a touching and meaningful message.

  As I was doing the card, I kept on refreshing his page, for updates regarding the deadlines, and then he tweeted that the last day would be on the 23rd, whew! Good thing I started to make one already. I uploaded my entry late in the afternoon of that day and kept browsing for some new entries that might hinder me in winning. Here's my entry. 

Closer look (click to enlarge)

    How I knew I won? I was viewing other entries the midnight between 23rd and 24th (the waiting makes me crazy!), and I was really hoping to win despite many beautiful entries as well. And so I keep on refreshing Ramon's page hoping to see a tweet  announcing that I won a Sony Vaio! But there was none. After the simbang gabi, I also checked again my twitter and found out that Sir Ramon followed me! My first and only follower! (by that time)

And then I told myself why would he follow me? Did I won already? I checked his tweets but there was no announcement yet and then I learned about Direct Messages and saw his message 

which made me more hopeful that I would be the winner, but then I still don't want to assume that I won already. So I gave him my number hoping that he would contact me that day. I was so anxious almost all day, that I even brought my cellphone with me the whole time, which I rarely do. I got nervous every time my phone would ring, one of my high school friends even called using a new number and so I thought it was him already. Gosh, my nerves that day, makes me smile whenever I remember it.  (Abangers to the max!)

The day went by, there was no reply, no call, nothing.

25th. It was, I think, around 2am that we arrived at home and I was so eager to check my twitter account and then finally, there it was, the tweet that I have been waiting to see!

     I was flabbergasted for a moment. After my "I can't believe that this is real" moment, I told everyone in the house that I won. And I can't stop thinking about it. Just WOW!


Claiming my laptop at SM North Edsa. 
Sir Ramon has so many fans! (daming nagpapapicture!) 
And he was really nice in accommodating them all. 

I also took the opportunity to have him sign my copy of his book 
"Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?"

My thank you gift (buti na lang hindi pa sila umaalis), screenshots of every episode from his Tales from the Friendzone series in Youtube. He said he'll post it in his living room wall, I really hope he does!

Updates: From Sir Ramon's instagram (though I'm not that _MandMS_ in instagram)
 and mine in Facebook!

Presenting my new laptop! 
love love love <3
With the two cute guys!

        I really think that the contest was really meant to be for me to win since I really need a new laptop and because I really enjoy making stuff like this, which reminds me that I actually had won another Christmas card making contest back in high school, but that was more of the design than the message. With regards to the message, I do have a tendency to be emotionally dramatic when it comes to my family, and so comes that.

And so I thought this was not my year, save the best for last, and the best is yet to come!

Definitely one of the highlights of my year. 
I'm just so happy for this wonderful blessing. 
Thank you Lord! 

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  • Verlene said...

    I can finally see the "Publish" button! =P Ramon's Tales from the Friend Zone never fail to make me laugh, particularly in scenes where he has to do his explanations with the help of his white board. I do need to catch up with his latest episodes though.

    I also laptop, too, except the difference is that it's in a form of a HP mini. What I don't like about it is that its power adapter's small needle broke after about several years of usage and it can't accommodate all programs to be downloaded because of its small screen resolution. But, I do like its webcam and its ability to detect WiFi or bluetooth immediately.

    Does your Sony Vaio laptop's power adapter in a form of a small needle? What are its features that you like and dislike?

  • Caroline Castro said...

    Yey! Those were my favorites too!

    Were you saying that you won a laptop too? Ohh, that's too bad. What kind of programs? Haven't tried the webcam and bluetooth yet.

    oh, it does have a needle like form inside (not much of a techie), didn't notice it at first. Thanks for mentioning, at least now I could use it more with care.

    So far, everything is quite good about this laptop,the built in speakers are my favorite! The only thing that I didn't like is the fact that it does not have a cd/dvd drive.

  • majopau said...

    Congrats! I also have a Vaio but it's the S series and the speakers are not that awesome. Had to buy a portable one -_-

    Anyways, congrats again! The card is just amazing \(^o^)/

  • Caroline Castro said...

    Thank you! Yes, I did see in one of your posts, rich ah! :) Really? I searched their features (S and E) and I think the built-in speakers of the two are just the same. (Aww, it made me think twice na maybe it was just a coincidence na malakas yung sound nung movie :( Sana hindi)

    Thank you again! :)

  • Verlene said...

    Nope, I didn't win the HP mini. Got it as an 18th birthday gift from dad as an unexpected reward. Any program (games, photo-editors, etc.) that requires a screen resolution of more than 1024 by 576 pixels can't be downloaded. But if it can be downloaded, it would either end up not showing the said program's whole screen or not downloaded at all.

    Yup, you need to be extra careful with the "needle" power adapter. Just make sure that while it's inserted into your laptop, don't bend at where the needle is.

    By the way, happy 2013! =D

  • Caroline Castro said...

    oh I see! That really s*cks! (I felt the same way in my phone, since it has a small screen resolution, it can't accommodate some games that I really like) Well, just look into the bright side - you still have a laptop! :)

    Thanks for the tip! I did notice that it's a bit loose when plugged into the port of the laptop (which makes it easier to bend).

    Happy 2013 too! :)

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