My Not So Enthusiastic New Year Blog Post

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 2 comments
    My first day of the year is fairly bad. Cough and cold plus a stomach pain from overeating last night (forgot to drink her medicine) and some irritating memories last night. Sometimes, I just can't stand her, but of course I didn't make the wrong decision of letting her get to me the whole new year's eve. 

    Anyway, last night I was browsing my newsfeed on facebook, and by golly, food, drinks, fireworks were everywhere. But there was this one status which made me smile. It's actually from my friend, and so it made me think if he meant it as a joke or not (basing from his personality). Whatever reason, it still made me smile. 

     I wanted to reply HAPPY NEW YEAR HAPPY NEW YEAR HAPPY NEW YEAR!, just to tease him, but decided not to. 

(Note: Kill Joy and Pessimism activating)

      I too have my share of things that I don't do during the holiday season. I don't do Christmas wish list, because no one will ever buy them to me, it just remains as its purpose, a list, when I become rich maybe I'll do one. 

    I don't do New Year's Resolutions, I do have lists of goals, dreams, wishes, etc, but not NYR per se (I think I just did when it was a requirement in school, and sometimes they would even have you in front of the class and mention them, pressure ah!), because I think everyday (if it's the first of January then so be it, bakit ba? New year, New beginnings, New me!) is a gift and an opportunity to change bad habits and improve the (or have new) good ones. Also, it's pretty lame to have all those resolutions just because it's new year, it takes more force than that, something coming from within, to maintain it the whole year round and even for the next year to come (So huwag ipilit, walang mararating yan!). If you're one of the few people who stick with their resolutions, then good for you, if not, don't be sad, you're not alone and a lot would be welcoming you to their club and just like what I said, any day is good day to start again (parang lokohan lang!). My only tip for those who are planning to make their NYR is to make realistic and specific goals. 

    Lastly, I am not going to share how my 2012 went through, though I'm very thankful for every blessing that I have received, I'm not really very enthusiastic about doing a blog post for it. Maybe next year I will! 

        So, sorry if you're not feeling the holiday season in my blog, 
well the least I did were these,

 I made this greeting yesterday, "Let's start the new year with a POP!",  it seems that I'm the only one amused by it. hihi. I really think it's very appropriate for my blog.

More movies to watch this year! 

Happy New Year Guys! 
Let's be the best of ourselves this year!

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